POLL: Your reviews of the COMPLETED FINAL Bannerlord

Have you posted a Steam review?

  • Yes, it's positive and I'm not changing it

    Votes: 42 21.0%
  • Yes, It's positive and I'm changing it to negative

    Votes: 7 3.5%
  • Yes, it's negative and I'm not changing it

    Votes: 55 27.5%
  • Yes, it's negative and I'm changing it to positive

    Votes: 3 1.5%
  • No, but I will post a positive review

    Votes: 18 9.0%
  • No, but I will post a negative review

    Votes: 19 9.5%
  • No, and I will not post a review

    Votes: 23 11.5%
  • I like turtles

    Votes: 25 12.5%
  • For some obscene reason, I DON'T like turtles

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I'm still considering reviewing (and actually playing) Bannerlord some 1-2 years in post-release. I've already been taught patience.
Warband had all these same issues - but with a much smaller map and only 150 man battles. And I loved that. Why would I suddenly hate bannerlord because ots missing... (checks notes).... feasts...? I mean...

That's not to say bannerlord is perfect. Oh no; I think TW could have had (nay should of had) much greater ambition. But its the same gameplay loop ice played and enjoyed for something like 15 years now.

I'm not a fan of feasts but it was an easy way to meet other nobles and force a break to combat. I'd have thought TW would have expanded on it with tournaments since more nobles means better prize. Feasts would attract the nobles, tournaments become more worthwhile. Add a cost to the noble, add loyalty/prosperity bonus to the town, seems like a no brainer.

Sure, it's a great game if you're playing it like a first person shooter with breaks in the lobby forced on the player. The loop is similar at a high level, but in warband, battles were consequential. Battles are absolutely meaningless in BL.
I don't care about the actual poll. Whoever didn't pick "i like turtles" is a monster. This is factual and can't be denied
I don't care about the actual poll. Whoever didn't pick "i like turtles" is a monster. This is factual and can't be denied
The truth has been spoken.

I dont remember if i even replied to this thread. Nevertheless. I see BL with many flaws, but the game as is right now, is pretty much what i expected back then(tm). Of course i cant even play it without mods, but i still love it. and I have a different experience to the fanatic marinid haters or the jeremuses who gave up.
I came at first EA release, it was OK, had potential.
4 Patches in i came back, it was good.
By 1.5 it was pretty good, then life diverted me and i came back in 1.00/01. It is better than pretty good. A lot of stuff was added, a lot still missing, but it feels much better. But those "essayists" just bashing the game for what it is not have been detrimental to the overall prospect of BL.

Then again, i try to be healthy, i dont put all my hopes and dreams into a single game that will put me out of my misery and bring me eternal bliss, like many seem to do, so the game is pretty awesome for me. Even if it still feel barebones here and there (still no crime without mods? At least theres Separatism and Hot Butter now.), but it still is a very good game, and balance has been greatly changed, as well as some minor qol improvements added. But i needed months away to see that difference .

Im not posting a review because i cant be bothered anymore. I am too old and too life-crippled, the days go by too quickly to waste time adding something more than a meme as a review, so im probably not, unless they really improve the game and make a full fledged "expansion" with all features from VC and more into BL. And better companion interactions and more traits. If not, im not posting anything.
But IF i'd post a review, it would be positive. A solid 7/10, as all MB games have always been. So much they're a staple of medieval combat. And its openess to mods is what keeps me coming back, as well as adding much more to that 7/10 into a good 9.5/10 when the right mod order hits hard.

Tldr: i see much butthurt, i laugh at it, but i recognize its legitimate concerns. It still is a pretty fun game, even if sometimes a bit "empty" as basically most sandbox games are. Mods make ot better. Shouldnt need to, but they do it anyway.
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Even mods as the moment are unstable more than the game. MCM changed broke my play through and now harmony. I can't play without mods as its barebones. Just going to wait a few months i think and try again.
turtles are by far the most unnecessary useless creature to ever walk the earth theyre literally armoured frogs atleast frogs actually eat flies and sell their legs what do turtles eat like lettuce or what they dont even contribute to the food chain or the economy

anyway no i dont like the game but i will change my review if they make it good which they will the games still in beta give them time
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