Poll: The unification of North American servers

Answer only if you are from NA, What do you think about the division of NA in East/West servers?

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Bannerlord's multiplayer community has always been fairly small, especially in NA, I'm not a specialist at managing gaming communities, but I think the decision of dividing NA into two regions would only work if the game had the population to support it, which it currently doesn't, I ask our american friends (if they are still out there) to leave their vote on the matter.

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Sergeant Knight
>NA East coast only
>NA asks for central server
>TW gives West coast as well as East coast
>NA says no, you only split playerbase now
>NA is now dead
>Doesn't matter if they give central server now, NA is dead, might as well close both servers now


This is only a problem because no dedicated servers and because of the matchmaking system. Also the reason we get kicked from server after matches.


Because there's only one proper way to respond to this poll...


Because ever since the splitting of NA servers, the only modes that exist for US and Canadian gamers are Siege and Team Deathmatch.


As a european I voted for divided servers, an united american front will be difficult to destroy, lets have you fight each other


Master Knight
As a european I voted for divided servers, an united american front will be difficult to destroy, lets have you fight each other
Agreed fellow superior european comrade, these filthy swine have to be destroyed. As one of our greatest men said:

Divide Et Impera​



Just give us private servers to host in Chicago or Quebec or texas or wherever the **** we want to. This charade is so snail-brained, I just can’t understand TW’s mindset…
i support 2 server options,

i am on na east so na west has personally been bad for me,
but if i were on the west coast i would appreciate the better ping of the na west server
Central servers would be best. As much as I like actually having good ping ~30 on NA W the player base simply isn't large enough there as AG and XYZ are the only clans really operating on it in captain and I have never seen a NA W skirm match (avg wait 11 mins) so I'm assuming that isn't a thing. At the same time NA E cannot be the only server for NA, it was and still is an absolute joke that EU players can come over to NA E and have better ping on NA E than NA guys that live on the west coast. One central server with everyone on both coasts getting 40-50 ping would be great instead of the relative extremes of 90+ often for NA W guys on NA E, let alone EU at 150-190.


relax this is too advanced of a request for taleworlds to implement.

It both makes sense and is easy to do, two of taleworlds greatest weaknesses
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