[POLL] How do you feel about TaleWorlds starting a new SciFi game?

How do you feel about TaleWorlds starting a new SciFi game?

  • I think it's great!

  • I'm really excited! I just hope Bannerlord gets finished properly

  • I knew I was buying an EA game, they can do what they want with the money they got

  • It bothers me, they shouldn't be splitting resources when Bannerlord is in the state it is

  • So I paid for 2 games and got half of one?

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Last I heard they had 80 something?
I don't know the exact count of course but even on their page it's stating
TaleWorlds Entertainment is an independent video game development company, founded in 2005. Having grown from the initial two founders, TaleWorlds now employs an international team of over 90 developers, including a self-publishing team.
and as far as I recall they had ~120 in LinkedIn and not all of them are in there ( marketing people etc etc )

I'm guessing mexxico only counted the people who are relevant with the direct development of the Bannerlord - i.e. accountant is not part of Bannerlord directly but part of Taleworlds etc

Anyway, this is not relevant with OP's question/thread
It doesn't matter what we are paying for.

The original post was referring to the fact that "TW needed money to pay for development", which was incorrect. They didn't need it, at least not when they released EA.

I'm not against TW making a profit, of course I want them to make a profit.
Sorry for the confusion, that's neither what I said or meant.
i dont really care. they are a decent sized company now and there isn't really a point to keep pumping new armor into bannerlord forever. they can make spaceships or whatever. im not doing EA again, i made an exception for bannerlord in the first place.
TaleWorlds has job openings for a new game (previously listed as SciFi but that has been removed)

How do you guys feel about this? Would you get it or support another EA by TaleWorlds?

I personally think with the state Bannerlord is in (bugs, delays, cut features, lack of depth, dead multiplayer etc.), I don't think resources obtained from it's EA should be going into anything else.

What do you think?

About the sci-fi game
I think the game engine would be brilliant in planetary romance - science fantasy - maybe dying earth dressing. Thinking of things like the Dying Earth series (duh), John Carter, He-Man, Thundarr, Stargate and the likes. It would work well, and I would also be inteterested, as this area was always neglected by modders for some reason.

About resource allocation
What I would like to add here is that it is very likely that TW has employees who worked on Bannerlord, but cannot contribute at the beta stage. They either let these people go, or allocate them to a new project. These folks are probably not those who are currently fixing bugs or adding new features to Bannerlord.
For me it depends. I'm not really sure the polling options really fit my position on it. Basically I'm fine with them hiring on an additional team to tackle a new game, but not so fine with resources being diverted away from their early-access title. Early-access is a matter of trust, and I bought the game in trust that it would be completed, and on the basis of features that were promised and are as yet undelivered.

So, at this point, I'm good with it and even interested. I write sci-fi, so I'm curious to see what Taleworlds has in store for the genre. That said, if they release it as early-access while this one is still unfinished, or if they fail to deliver on features while developing that game instead, I won't likely have the trust to purchase another early-access game from Taleworlds. I do hope they understand this and will deliver on what they've promised.

I think too many developers see early-access as an easy cash-grab, and I don't think players should forgive this. Early-access is a request for early funding from players on the promise that they will get a game delivered, and if that game is not as advertised then that speaks to the credibility of the developers. I'd never buy early-access from CDProjekt Red, for instance.
My 2cents is that they shouldn't be making another game. It's clear Bannerlord development is not going well. But as others have stated, they quite clearly don't care aside from a few passionate developers like Duh, Mexxico, AVRC, NIN3 etc. Everyone who browses here regularly knows the developers I am referring to.

Anyway as others have said, we are powerless to do anything other than not buy it - I think it was Bloc or someone who mentioned the company being arrogant and I think that's an accurate depiction.

@Bloc I'd love to hear about the background stuff (I know it is not possible), I'm sure it'd be interesting but disappointing.
They can pretty much do what they want.
However, due to how bannerlord turned out, I certainly won't pitch in with EA. I shelled money for BL due to how much I loved the M&B series, but that didn't pay. Nowadays TW doesn't deserve the confidenceI had in the old TW IMHO. Therefore, no money for EA from my part.
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