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Hello Heroes of caldarians,

Some of you might remember me in this community.
I was the developer for persistent empires. I know bannerlord is out and warband isn't as popular but until bannerlord is more stable I've decided to mod warband one last time.

My question is who would be interested in a PW spin off with changed mechanics.

Features im thinking about:

1. Automatic Payroll depending on Rank in your faction: Peasants work the field, that generates income for the lords coffers, money is distributed across the faction in the form of payroll.
2. Skills: Hunting(kill wild animals and bring in trophy for gold reward), raiding: raid villages and gain gold(higher the skill higher the reward) open to suggestions
3. persistent gold and faction rank structure. Meaning you will retain ur rank in faction even after server resets.
4. Kings, Main city will have a king appointed by the church. They can be replaced only by besieging the city.

open to suggestions but that's what i had in mind.

First time back on the community for a long time, came specifically because I was looking to see if I could still play some PW. I'm in support of any good ideas for revamping that great mod. I don't have any suggestions as of yet but since no one seems to have said anything I figured I may as well post a message.

The biggest things that I know I find unenjoyable though which I know Vanilla PW can fix with scripts are the ability to save equipment and map position upon logout until you next log in. Any revamping of the mod which included that and also created more of the persistent world feel is good in my eyes.

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