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(POLL) EA Suggested Improvements, 1. Camera code recr & in game editor, 2. Character Personalisation (SP/MP), 3. Non/Combat - Aesthetics, Animations,

What features would you like to see implemented?

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(POLL) EA Suggested Improvements, 1. Camera code recr & in game editor, 2. Character Personalisation (SP/MP), 3. Non/Combat - Aesthetics, Animations, Mechanics

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(Also posted on Steam & Taleworlds Forums (Poll)
Taleworlds: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index...chanics-3-combat-animations-mechanics.416344/
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/app/261550/discussions/0/4233889512146545533/

Hey all, after 2 weeks of playing bannerlord, i have some further ideas on how bannerlord can be improved
1. Camera code recr & in game editor
2. Character Personalisation (SP/MP)
3. Non/Combat - Aesthetics, Animations, Mechanics
(i do want to make some movie cinematics on bannerlord so these will help here also)
9 points;

Video Game Media

0. Video Game Media - Video Code Recording & In Game Editor
a) Camera/Code Recording
i) Similair to GTA 5's Code recording and In game video editor

Non Combat

1. Character Personalisation (SP/MP)
a) Character Personalisation (SP/MP)
i) More options and freedom to customise your characters appearance, in regards to Clothing Options (character customisation can be custom down to faction & class)
ii) Unlockable new clothes/items???
b) The Empire's Legionnaire
Firstly, personally i strongly dislike the Empires Legionnaire, it looks like a fairytale armored turtle legionary, with a shield that is not fit for a legionnaire
now, im not asking for the legionnaire to be 100% historically accurate no, but;
Aesthetics wise;
i) Legionnaire should have 1) Short sword with long, large shield, 2) 2x Throwing spears held behind shield, 3) Attacks from behind shield, 4) Bear some resemblance
ii) Example: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https://www.moddb.com/mods/mount-glory/images/byzantine-legion&psig=AOvVaw1TLg160ATqdOm9QCFuY6Fr&ust=1587198383006000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCJCvlPGE7-gCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAI

2. Animations - New - Other - Un/Sheath Weapons animations
a) Animations (non combat)
i) Taunt button (V)
ii) Finger point button (B)
ii) Passive Lip sync with voice chat(Passive)
iii) Ability to remove headwear/different pieces of armor during gameplay) (e.g Numpad buttons)
iiii) General Ambient model animations (Standing fidgeting, sit on chairs, Talking animations (animations change on audio volume maybe?)
b) Animations for sheathing/unsheathing weapons
i) Throwing Spears should be held behind shield, and not crossed on back
ii) If wielding 2x swords on back, or weapons stored on either side of belt/hip, then seperate animation for each

3. Sprint/Climb - New - Temporary
a) Sprint
i) Sprint Option (albeit slightly faster for a short time)
b) Climb - climb onto certain objects
i) Climb from Standing
ii) Climb from Running
iii) Climb onto low object
iiii) Climbing/hang off ledge and muscle up

4. Melee Combat - Improvements - Crouch - Duck Attacks
a) Crouch - Ability to duck attacks
(E.g Chivalry Medieval Warfare)
i) Ability to duck underneath strikes (Camera look down to bring head and body lower to duck strike)
(speed at which crouch down/up dependant on armor worn)
i) Ability to strike from crouched position (speed at which crouch down/up dependant on armor worn)
iii) Crouch and put up shield to block strikes, (speed at which crouch down/up dependant on armor worn)
(especially for arrow/volleys and melee vertical downward strikes)

5. Punching and Kicking
a) Punches and Kicks need to have more damage (id say around 12-15 dmg)
b) A facility where high kicks are possible, with higher damage (maybe a hold mouse button 4+press lmb/rmb)

6. Weapon butt - Improvements - possible without block hold
a) Weapon butt can now be done with or without having to hold block

7. Sword Chambering
a) Chambering is effective anywhere sword is at that time (being pulled back, in holding positon, aswell as actual attack swing)

8. All Weapons - Improvements - All weps thrust (with/without shield)
a) thrust option available (blunt weapons have less damage)
b) when throwing any strike, the player/AI stays behind shield more instead of throwing it off to the side (player can get hit from above or sides still, unless they move)

Melee & Ranged Combat

9.Spears (with & without shields)
a) Spears (with shields)
i) Throwing Spears & Javelins - Horizontal and vertical attacks (No Shield)
ii) Throwing Spears should be held behind shield, and not crossed on back
iii) Third spear attack - Spear Horizontal swing that starts on shield side
b) Spears (without shields)
i) Melee - Horizontal, Vertical and Thrust strikes made available when used with no shield
ii) Can thrust spear from crouch

A) I believe all of these changes would make the bannerlord melee combat seem less narrow, more varied, and allow room for skill in each field, and spice up combat
B) Let the workshop focus on content creation and Taleworlds should focus on mechanics and animations
C) The Crouch movements will increase the outnumbered competitors options to be able to deal with 2/3 opponents (dependant on players skill)


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