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[Poll] Do we want AI clans to die?

Do want AI-clans to easely die?

  • Yes

    Votes: 57 65.5%
  • No

    Votes: 30 34.5%

  • Total voters

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I made a error in this thread. The correct question is asked in the poll but not in the title. I´m not sure the answer should been another though, I feel greatly in minority and has made my own mod to cover up :smile:
Yes - but, atleast in the sandbox portion, the game should give the player the option of having total control over the % of everything. Birth rates, death rates, etc. Have it your way.


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I actually don't like the 2% in live battle because I have hardily seen any of my enemies die in battle
Beelining through arrows, javelins and a horde of heavy infantry just to see my target gets knocked unconscious after I literally split their skull with a 300km/hour glaive swing fills me with anger. Not disappointment. Anger.


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I have been saying for a long time. Give us a slider so we can adjust death rates. Some people want more, some want less. A lot of people don't realize that 2% chance of death doesn't take into account medicine level and perks of leader. TW has stated if they have 100 medicine its just under 1% chance and at 200 it about .6% of death. If they would just give us a slider so we can adjust then everyone is happy as they can adjust to what level they like. I simple slider to make everyone happy.
Give us sliders to adjust difficulties so we can adjust to our play styles. example why is player dmg 25%,50%, or 100%. To me sometimes I don't want 100% to live a little longer when recording episodes but 50% feels way to low.
All I want for Christmas is sliders TW

Earth Dragon

Yes - but, atleast in the sandbox portion, the game should give the player the option of having total control over the % of everything. Birth rates, death rates, etc. Have it your way.
Within reason. Sliders have been known to make games completely inoperable because people don’t know what they are doing. This is also what the mod community is for. Taleworlds should be making an “As intended” experience, not making it so malleable and unfocused that I have to mod balance and playability INTO the game but it never nails a good place down


Overall a slider for death rates may be best for this. I see that other people want to wipe out AI lords and clans constantly, vs my position where I want battles to be dangerous but have clans stay alive at least long enough for new generations to come to age (which I would also like to be faster - like, aging in general).

As a side point it'd be great if the game had a mechanic for mercenary clans to rise to noble clans if the number of clans falls low enough, as well as new mercenary clans coming onto the map at a similar rate... with an on/off option for these mechs.


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Only if there is a new clan mechanic that AI has access to. I'm not Ananda the Psychopath. I want a map full of life and action. Killing clans makes the map a desert. Don't get me wrong. I want a higher noble death rate. But balanced with a well rounded new nobility process - perhaps like the mechanic Total War has used in the past, when a noble dies, there's a chance for a sergeant or captain to be raised if the battle is still won.

Why are all these polls forced binary. I don't want a yes/no option. I want an 'it depends' option.


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But they would work pretty good for the mobile port, so maybe.

But serious, sliders would make a lot of sense for a lot of options. And more options are mostly better than less options when it comes down to game settings. Add sliders for max companions and stuff like this. You can also hide those sliders behind an "advanced settings" button. Everyone would win.

If someone wants to play with 999 companions let him do it, who cares, it´s a single player game. TW could still balance the vision of their game around their default settings. I don´t see any disadvantage here.
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