Polished Landscapes test version [RELEASED]

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Knight at Arms
Polished Landscapes mod

Early test version.
This version have no collision for trees!

Download: http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=1596

Exactly the same place, new and old version (old without hdr mod).


Here is link to more info/screens:  http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,76706.0.html

Some simple rules:
Don't use this mod/objects/textures in other projects/mods without my permission.
Don't modify models or textures from this mod without my permission.
Don't use those object/textures in your mods without including this document.
If you want to use this mod "outside" M&B modding community - ask me first.

How to install:
1 - unpack this archive
2 - install M&B to another folder - for example "M&B_Polished_Landscapes" This mod will change some files that are not moddable, so it's better to have another game installation.
3 - istall HDR mod (not necessary)
3 - from unpacked folder copy
    enbseries.ini, mb.fxo, mb.fx to main M&B directory (overwrite existing files)
  - From unpacked folder /data folder copy
    flora_kinds.txt, ground_specs.txt, skyboxes.txt to M&B/data folder (overwrite)
  - From unpacked folder /modules folder copy  PL_test folder to M&B modules folder.
4 - run game, from list choose PL_test and have fun:smile:

Ok, now some explanations.
Files mb.fxo and mb.fx change water little bit - if you are using this mod in Warband, don't use them.
Files flora_kinds.txt, ground_specs.txt, skyboxes.txt change:
flora_kinds.txt - change way some trees are generated on map, removes collision from most of trees, move some trees to winter scenes.
ground_specs.txt - change size of one map - to avoid visible tiling.
skyboxes.txt  - change light settings.
Files in SceneObj folder:
scn_random_scene - those scenes add variation to original maps - by adding different materials instead of plain grass/earth mix
Other .sco files change some scenes - trees now look totally different, so scenes need to be tweaked (as instead of 1 tree you have for example 5 now)
Changes in module.ini:
scan_module_textures = 1
load_mod_resource  materials - change grass shader only (to 128 alpha test)
load_mod_resource = map_tree_meshes
load_mod_resource = tree_meshes
load_mod_resource = xtree_meshes
load_mod_resource = grass_meshes
load_mod_resource = plant_meshes
load_mod_resource = xtree_meshes_b
load_mod_resource = terrain_borders
load_mod_resource = tree_e_meshes
load_mod_resource = xtree_meshes_c
load_mod_resource = grass_meshes_b
Now - fog.
Fog have different color every hour, also random distance (modified sometimes).
In every mission in module_mission_templates.py you need to add this script (once again thanks to Slawomir):

This is tweaked to match my skyboxes.
So with different skyboxes colors should be changed.

Known bugs:

- some textures are low res now
- snowy pines are sometimes strange (z fighting, some bad models)
- when river appears on map sometimes there will be some strange polygon/material appearing on the ground - this is engine limitation.
- from time to time fog is really dense. This is rare, and you can hit Tab and choose another map.
- trees sometime floating  in air  when generated on steep slope.
- new terrain borders seen from very high have holes.
You can also use my other mods:
Polished buildings:  http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,56440.0.html
and darker corners: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,76810.0.html

Some more screens (exactly the same place, new and old version):







Knight at Arms
Just write if everything works fine, tomorrow I start longer holidays and I will have no chance to fix stuff:smile:


Sergeant Knight at Arms
I'm starting to downlad and i'll test it tommorow. Great job. I hope it won't kill my PC :wink:.

PS Masz u mnie browara :wink:


Sergeant Knight at Arms
Must. Download. ASAP.

Seriously Gutek, this is probably the most anticipated M&B graphical mod of all time. Epic work mate.


Sergeant at Arms
ooooo will have to give this a crack. why can't that graphics card hurry up and arrive D=

Lt. of the tower

Excellent, I am downloading now. Shall post again to report if everything works fine.

By the way would this work with Warband? Can't remember if it does.


:smile: Been looking forward to this for a long time. Even if this is just a "test" release, I'm still very excited!


Very nice. I managed to hack it into warband too.

Full vegetation is giving my FPS a bit of a hard time of it, but I need a new computer anyway.  :razz:


Meant to ask, I noticed a couple of different HDR mods out there, should I using a specific one, or is there one that you can recommend?


Master Knight
have installed and my god its beautiful :smile:
killing dudes isn't so interesting, I'm just riding around looking at all the wonderful scenery
thanks very much
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