Polished Buildings - Swadian+Vaegir+some new castles pack (RELEASED)

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Still have no upload access on MB file repository:razz:
So here you have:

Small patch
Sungethe and Nelag castle fixed.

Hi guys
Some of you probably know this (already released) mod:

Here is  new version of this mod.
Swadian buildings are of course included.
Additionally vaegir towns are new.
I also added some new castles.
Castle walls are remodelled and there are 2 separate textures - for wall and for floor.
So now this mod includes: swadian buildings, vaegir buildings, snowy buildings, 2 castle "sets", and some new props.
It's not perfect, there are some bugs probably, but it's good enough.
Now it works as mod, but also some files need to be replaced (castles and some props in CommonRes folder.)
It should work fine with other mods, but this mod will overwrite SceneProps.txt, so this can be problem sometimes.
I tried with The Eagle and The Radiant Cross, it was ok.

There is no installer for this mod, you have to use your brain:razz:
Readme explains how to install, however this is  modding resource, not a mod.
So you can install this in Native or most of other mods by hand.

It's not compatible with previous version.

Most of new objects:

What's inside:

Of course Swadian buildings (with some tweaks)

Vaegir Towns

Vaegir castles/siege scenes

Comparision between old/new

Winter towns

Winter sieges

Some pics:



That's great news and ass kicking screenshots gutekfiutek :grin:


I really love your Swadian town scenes and the Vaegir ones look marvellous too.
Thanks for your hard work to improve the city buildings.


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You are the greatest scene maker on the forums, i admire you greatly:grin: Would you sign my ass *pulls down pants*

Anyway, i was wondering what kind of architecture the Rhodoks will be having?


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Freaking marvelous  :shock:

Have you considered a new way of installing/implementing these buildings (compared to the Swadian ones)?
I know some - well, okay me - had some trouble figuring out how to use them...


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Thanks guys:smile: (dzieki chlopaki:grin:)

In 1st Polished buildings topic there are few screenshots comparing swadian/vaegir/rhodok buildings.

And, yes, i will try to make installing this easier:smile:


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Oh, by the way, how do you change the AI meshes? I seem to have trouble with those alot. Also, where do you get those textures from? Is it from a particular website, or just from random pictures?


It realy gives the towns and villages a medieval atmosphere, great work m8! Im looking forward to the full set, and aye, the instalation was a little chaotic when I wanted to backup everything it was replacing hehe.


Hey I really like your polished buildings mod, but do you know why my torches scream after I added your mod? The mod works (even though i didn't know what I was doing when I added and replaced files), but now torches scream victory cries. It's almost funny enough for me not to care, but any idea on why this is happening?


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gutekfiutek said:
And, yes, i will try to make installing this easier:smile:
If possible, could you make it so that it installs into the individual Module folders, as appose to M&B's master directory?

Only so that it would be easier for modders to include it into all the individual mods.  :smile:

I'm just shooting into the semi-dark here, but I think the only way to do that is to make none of your buildings use the same name (ID) as Native's buildings, otherwise you would get an 'attempt to reregister blah blah' error.

I also realize this means you would have to either remake all the scenes using your new buildings, or at least go through the scenes and change the references to the new buildings.


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Since this mod hasn't been getting the proper attention it deserves, I've decided to don the banner. I hope also to serve as a source of encouragement to you gutekfiutek, keep it up.


Llew2 said:
Only so that it would be easier for modders to include it into all the individual mods.  :smile:

IMO, thats not a good idea (same goes for GE and the other texture packs). Don't take me wrong, I love this mod, but many people have older computers, or might simply not like this new buildings. Forcing graphical mods into players is a bad idea, they can easily choose to add them themselves if they want to. Replacing native meshes IDs, and then giving the player a tutorial about editing the module.ini seems the best way to me.


The texture on the wagon in the first picture is beautiful.

If there will be one, the Khergit pack should be a knockout.


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Thanks again guys
I won't make khergit pack - as their buildnings are looking quite ok and there are still Nords.
I don't think that placing few files in proper folders is really a big problem.
Maybe people are getting too lazy sometimes:smile:
My mistake was to give no explanation how to use it.
Also I'm really not too keen when i hear about modders including this mod into other mods.

First - in readme.txt i asked to give me info that this mot is used in others.
Second - some guy used those buildings and he didn' even bother to read readme.txt - he gave credits to Kolba, who just uploaded this mod on file repository (thx again Kolba:smile:

I just put so much work in those buildings that i don't want to see them used that way.

Anyway, some new screens (notice that textures will be tweaked - tey are terribly monochromatic now:/):

And comparision between swadian and vaegir buildings:

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