Polished buildings mod [RELEASED] [Siege bug FIX + new pics pg1]

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I can tell that gutekfiutek put a lot of work into this mod, but how do i install it?

I followed the read-me but when I went in-game to a castle, many of the building textures were just white.

I made a backup of the original files so everything is back to normal, but after hearing incredible praise and seeing the absolutely breath-taking screenshots, I wanna experience it for myself.

could somebody please tell me how to install it correctly? I know, im an idiot.
Resurrecting this before I forget.

Warband has support for lod models for scene props. Any chance we could get some lod versions of the buildings?  :smile:

I'd bash some together myself, but I doubt they'd be as good as proper Gutefiutek ones.  :razz:
Adorno said:

No, not this time. I've had my share of troubles wit these buildings before.
But just try and install them like you would in M&B (and tell us if you succeed  :wink: )

3 months later.. I take it as a No?

Edit: I tried it myself with version 1.126. So far it is a no, it stops on loading screen saying "get object failed for body: bo_siege_leadder 12m"

So hell, if any of you are still alive and get it working, you would probably be treated like gods in this forum.

CounterPoint391 said:
Oh, it's possible. Someone put up a link for the ported version in the Warband Polished landscapes thread about 10 pages back from the end....

*smacks the back of my own head*. WAIT take that smack back, I mean Polish buildings, not landscapes.
CounterPoint391 said:
The port of Polished Buildings done by someone is in the Polished Landscapes thread..... I'm not hoodwinking you.....

*smacks back of head* I seem to be doing this a lot lately..
Thanks Counterpoint.

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