Polearm swing speeds and assorted suggestions

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I feel that the swing speeds on some polearms are severely imbalanced and keeping them back. For instance a swordstaff is just a steel head on a pole,should be relatively thin and light. A voulge head is a thick piece of metal, probably 5-6x the weight of the swordstaff head. I can get a voulge with an 83 swing speed and a swordstaff caps at something like 22. Length and weight should be by far the most determinate factors, and endcaps should actually increase speed by balancing it out instead of doing nothing overall.

Making all polearms(And two handers) in general swing faster to make up for the lack of defensive capability would be a great gameplay improvement. And adding an expensive, spiked buttcap to a pole weapon that cant regularly be used as a couch lance so you could flip it around and use it as one could be an idea.

Allow us to pass gear down to troops to upgrade them. I could give my recruits the armor I win in battles and it would make them much tougher.
Allow arrow wagons/supply horses in large battles so horse archers or even regular archers can run back and resupply. Based in reality as camels carrying thousands of arrows were used at Carrhae to defeat Crasus.
Make the stash feature work. I dont like carrying 325 horses with me when I olnly have 120 men because I just gave my followers a bunch of guys.
Spears should have a "follow up" attack button so you can make several thrusts in rapid succession without having to reset your guy. Basically a jab instead of a lunge.
Being able to set tactics OUTSIDE of battle, so when you tell your troops to take command they still follow a basic gameplan, would be nice.
Bottleneck of leveling if you dont skill correctly is painful.
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Additional points:

More complex tactical options would actually be nice, that could be set/trained outside of big field battles. Such as "x number of spear, pike and polearm units intersperse with the archers to make cavalry rundowns a lot less appealing, while the rest go with shields and short two handers to fight the other infantry"
"set defensive stakes/deploy caltrops around x and y sides"

Its definitely something to look at after early access is over, not asking for it right away, just think it would be good for the game as a whole. As far as I can tell the development technologically is set somewhere between 1100-1200 AD as they're just on the cusp of full plate armor but not quite there yet. So trying to keep tactical development somewhat period accurate and not getting into the realm of things like true combined arms i.e. tercios is important too.
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