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Poland vs NA discussion thread

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Habrak said:
Lagstro said:
Habrak said:

Poland - 2 gold medals - the entire **** continent - first final yay

friendly banter

Hahaha. Imagine having a scene big and active enough to run an exclusively Polish LAN event with 11 teams in 2019, and losing to a team from a scene that has been dead for over 2 years and can't even come up with the same amount of teams for its single running tournaments, even when a fourth of the players participating in them aren't even from NA.  :lol:

Ye imagine over 20 teams signing up for a tournament without a prize, in a game that is gonna be dead in 6 months. Then those teams start arguing about who lives closer to the server, and when the guys further from it win the other ones argue that they are better at killing pixels, but somehow they lose

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This whole thread is goofy. I hope we're all quite done, because if this spills over into other threads beyond "gg wp" then I'll start handing out mutes. Be respectful to other teams & nations.
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