Please, Taleworlds, give us more reason to visit the scenes of villages, castles and towns

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I really love the scenes! They are awesomely crafted and very, very beautiful. However I rarely visit them, as I do everything on the world map, as is everyone else, I suppose. I visit them to immerse myself and to make screenshots. And that is it!
There are a couple of quests that make you visit the scenes like Family Feud - for the villages, and the lord quest about the Spy, where you have to ask around the town. And that is really my point - we really, badly need more quests like these! I really love these quests, but they are just too few of them. Not enough to spark that need to visit a town or a village. Yes you can hear rumors and gossip, but that is just not enough. We need more reason to be immersed in these beautiful scenes, besided just wasting time.
And there is literally no reason to go to the castles - currently they are empty, beside the lord's hall. Where are the soldiers in the courtyard, on the walls, patrolling around? We really need to improve the castle scenes and get any incentive to visit them more often. There isn't even quests that we can do in the castles!
I really enjoy your game Taleworlds and I have been here from the start! Please make it the best version of what it has the potential to be!

That is all! I wish you all a happy and healthy Summer!

Kind Regards!
+1 for this, I really love the scenes, we need some radiant quests or maybe trade rumours or something to make it worth dropping in for a while.
-A special quest for an armor sets with different blacksmiths throughout Calradia
-A contact with the local variety of bandits(black market and recruiting)
- A talk with the spy master in the courtroom
- a chance of an encounter with assassins or people offering to join you for free (risk and reward)
- way of scouting the defence and sabotage it somewhat. Less arrows/fire pots, destroying supplies. If you are seen, the player should have the opportunity to fight his way out(like warband) not a rng chance.
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