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five bucks

Knight at Arms
Based on what we have seen him do, Bloc would have feasts, Manhunters, bandit attacks, and belligerent drunks up and running in less than a week if he was working there, if he wasn't fed up with TW


Knight at Arms
I wish they would fully disclose the Game Design Document for BL to me so I could review it and give tips, not going to happen though xD

Generally speaking, suggestions are cool and all but a waste of time without in-depth knowledge of what the entire GD is.

I've always joked about TW hiring me, but tbh I'm out of the industry for so long I'm not sure I can do anything other than mess with Game Design stuff. I can't even model 3d stuff anymore, or do any heavy-lifting programming.


Tbh I think I would rather have Bloc make his OWN game, and hiring some decent modders, instead of TW's hiring him, I mean we've seen devs these days that were once modders, but the 'vision' controls the dev, not their skills
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