please make Units/troops wear the new customized armor!

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please make the units/troops in captain mode wear the new customized armor that you buy from the customization tab! i was so god damn disappointed when i realized my units/troops weren't wearing the new customized armor that i just bought, i FULLY expected the units to wear the armor that i grinded hours for to get... its such a let down and in my opinion it beats the whole purpose of buying armor like, i dont see the point in buying armor if its jsut the player that's gonna wear the armor and not also the units, its so demotivating, its unrewarding in my opinion coz i were grinding hours for my units and me to have the armor, not just the player who dies quickly anyways in the battle and so then i will be playing as units who don't got the awesome armor i grinded hours for.


I like it how it is now, maybe would like to see more variations in my troops, so they don't all look the same (Edit: it's alredy in the game, now I want be able to add something to my trops that not aplay to my character, so he could still be this elite comander :grin:) and change some customization that player always look like this elite armor squad lider, it's hard to make it for example in vlandia sergeants.
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..i dont see the point in buying armor if its jsut the player that's gonna wear the armor and not also the units..
Just like @Snorri said, dude. Idk if its a bug currently, but i also like how it is right now. Current form emphasizes that the player is the commander of the others(AI) .

>At further view.. I think that when we die & respawn as one of our AI soldier, we should look as our customized character.

>Furthermore, all commanders(players) should carry a special equipment that also emphasizes he/she is a commander, not a decent soldier(AI).
This is also good for increasing competition between commanders(dead one & enemy players) to reach (dead commander's) dropped special equipment.

= So;

#keeping [customized skin only for the player] is OK.
#dead player should repawn in customized skin, instead of replaced AI skin.
#there should be special/(& selectable?) commander equipment(s) that should drop the ground when commander is dead. There should be no respawn for that special equipment..And, dead commander should try to take it back/Or, other players(all) should reach that special eqipment's benefit/Or, enemy team should try to block reaching that benefical special commander equipment* .

in my opinion.

*special equipment can be binoculars, etc.
addition: binoculars may not fitting historically, idk, but its good for gameplay definitely. example: when we have bigger scenes with pure nature. we need to detect the movement of the enemies, and distinguish the commander from rest at far distance. this usage fitting properly. maybe, binocular can be seen a bit early age form, so the can stretch the thing a bit to fit.
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Honestly there should be a tab in the customization screen which lets you switch between the captain and units appearance so you can customize both appearances.
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