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I had a sound bug when Bannerlord first came out and since then it has only gotten worse to the point where it is unplayable for me..I cant even select options in the menu. It makes me sad because I LOVE this series and have tried time and time again without success. PLEASE feed me your recommendations

I have removed any mods, removed disable_sound bug manually, reinstalled the game 3 times. Deleted all saves, and gone to %userprofile% and deleted files in there as well. NOTHING has worked. I don't have issues playing any of my 200-300 other games.

Here is a 30 sec or so GIF from boot to crash: Please note the 128 Gig of beautiful RAM, it was expensive.


Community Support
Community Support
Hi, the crash ID you've posted is incomplete, there should be a date, time and a computer ID. The time stamp is missing and the computer ID (5d3f404947f80aa231982319839dfebcf97a) is incorrect. Can you check the ID again if you've saved it, if not, can you send another one? You can also post a screenshot of it.
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