SP - Battles & Sieges Please give players the option to turn off night battles/sieges. In real life, they rarely took place at night!

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Historically, battles or sieges SELDOM took place at night for good reason. The vast majority of historical battles took place in the DAYTIME. Plus, there's the matter of eyestrain and the game is poorly optimized when it comes to lighting so that's a quality of life issue too.

Please allow players to toggle off night battles/sieges as an option..in fact it should be the *default* setting. Anyone who wants to fight at night can just toggle it off.

Can you imagine Hannibal trying to pull off Cannae at nighttime? Alexander pulling off Gaugamela at nighttime? Napoleon pulling off Austerlitz in the dead of night? The sheer confusion not being able to see a whole alot of stuff would screw over all three of them. In fact nighttime was when armies would rest in multi-day battles like the enormous battle of Leipzig which took three days between Napoleon and the Fifth Coalition. And Gettysburg...even the Union and Confederates rested at night in the three days of Gettysburg.
I'd like this as an option as well.

It should be up to the player though, as some people like night operations.
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