Please give advice? I'm broke.

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Hi, I got screwed on Bannerlord. Everything was great at first... I had about 300.000, I had 4 companions, a wife, a big army and some castles. I lost one battle after another, I was kidnapped, I lost another battle and then I ran out of money. Now I'm losing around 2000 money every day, so I can't build an army. My companions are in different castles and I can't go to get them because I'm under constant attack. What do you think I should do? I'm thinking of starting the game from the beginning, but everything will be wasted.
Click on your clan tab and edit the maximum allowed pay per clan party. Toy with it untill you start getting a net profit
Nuclear option - disband those parties so you start getting some profit if you have caravans or workshops going.
So your main character is trapped in a castle under siege and your treasury is zero... do you have items saved in a stash somewhere or do your companions have good equipment you can sell? If you were up to 300,000 at one point you should have had stocked some of your castles with strong garrison you can borrow from to create a new army even if you can't recall your companions from governorships.

Many people advocate ignoring castles and only capturing towns- I don't agree with this but you should probably not have more than 2 castles without a town that generates income.

300,000 is a bit low funds to start conquering towns + castles but if you have a strong army and enough influence to muster armies as a vassal it is possible.

Just winning a few battles in 1 war usually generates 200,000+ so fight in 2-3 wars then start capturing castles with base funds 500,000+ some good equipment and troops stashed in a castle for backup. I generally move 100% of my top tier troops to castle soon as peace is settled and put the trainees into fights vs bandits and looters to level them up, by the time the next war starts they are all tier 3-4 and then collect your top tier troops and put the mid-tiers in garrison so they don't die in the battles.

If you do this every war your # of top tier troops will grow over time to the point you will have 200-300 top tier units in both your main castle garrisons (ideally situated near your most important town) so losing a single battle isn't that big of a deal.

Once you start attacking towns with your own army the chances of losing battles increases as the enemy sometimes responds with armies of +1000 and an additional 5-6 armies of 80 nearby which even if you abandon the siege sometimes can catch you and hold you in a battle long enough for the main army of 1000 to catch up.

The only other option is to gather such a huge army you will travel incredibly slow and only capture 1 town per war or sometimes even less. I prefer going with a slightly smaller army size despite the risk of losing a huge battle but being able to move fast enough to capture 2-3 towns per war.
I don't understand. Why do you lose money if you don't have a big army? How many fiefs do you have? Are the garrisons costly? Don't the fiefs generate income?

You don't have to fetch your companions, you can get them coming to you by calling them back in the party screen (a symbol right besides the companion). If high garrison costs plague you, you could install Improved Garrison mod and lower the garrison wages (I have them at 50%, as in Warband). If you are a vassal, try to join battles your faction will win. Don't take risks, run away from stronger parties, don't join difficult battles.

Or do you have your own kingdom, started with just 300.000 gold? Seems to be a way to desaster. Maybe I would start a new campaign.
It's fine to start a kingdom with 300k or less, you just have to not lose the battles. If you can't confidently beat armies, as many armies as needed, then you can't do it though.

If you lost all your money just say **** it and move camp somewhere else. Take any good units out of garrisons, recall or collect companions and focus on defeating single enemy lords or small armies (whatever you can do) to re-build your money and then your parties and then pick a better location to start taking fiefs nad making vassals. Or abdicate the kingdom and join a faction if you don't know how to defeat armies.
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