Please get a good editor to check all the text in the game.

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There are too many poorly worded or incorrect sentences in the text. Attached picture is just one example (not just the "then" but the whole sentence, really), but there are many. Even the new opening video, upon starting a new campaign, has "it's" in the subtitles several times for the possessive ("it's" = it is, "its" = possessive). These are just singular examples, there are many instances of poor text and many of them even affect game clarity, such as those in perk descriptions and the disagreement of whether the % sign comes before or after the number.

I am aware this is a translated game, but it's also a professional, full-priced product. Allowing these sorts of things makes a company look amateurish. I apologise if it seems I'm coming off as unpleasant, but there's a tendency for clarity of writing to be considered "nitpicking" or expected to be poor, and I wholeheartedly disagree. There really needs to be a thorough editing pass, and sooner rather than later; there's already a whole mountain of text in the game, and it will only get bigger.

Thanks for reading.
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