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I like the new major update we just received although there is some problems. Please fix my companion AI when i put them in "follow your sergeant!" mode my companion would ride their horses into the enemy causing them to get stuck and get wiped by damn looters..."LOOTERS" keep in mine i'm also playing it on realistic so i'm always afraid that they might die from every battle but to have this be an issue I think it's best to get this quickly fix before any other major update. My companions are also geared up thickly and yet with 100 looters ganging up on them when they're so dumb as to just jump into the fray when my foot solders infantry (in "follow your sergeant!" mode too) are slowly just marching toward the enemies.

And another thing i'd like to bring up is i'm not sure what battle map this is but let me attach it down here

nvm can't upload pictures on here. This is regarding plant rendering some of the wheat were not being render i'll post another thread on STEAM if you want to see the picture


Pressing F6 when fighting a weak enemy just makes everyone charge most of the time. If you want to use it in those cases, it may be better to press it and then manually bring your cavalry with you to their backlines. If your companion is an infantry/archer captain and you have them on a horse then you may just want to put them on foot so they don't outpace their allies during a charge.
I'll give you the same answer here as when you posted on the steam site --

What did you expect them to do? Follow Your Sergeant seems to always result in just a charge, or at the very least an advance.

If you don't want them doing this, put them in their own formation and tell them to follow you.
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