Please fix the archers auto-reformation from loose formation

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if you put archers on loos formation, after a while, they will re-organize into more dense formation automatically, while enemy attacking them
anyone else experience the archers will automatically re-organize from loose formation?
I am too busy chopping enemy around, I don't have time to re-organize archers into loose formation

this is so annoying

OMG who design this feature?? why!?!?!?!
Yeah it need to be sorted out. It's weird, often in the starting position if you put them in lose they make a nice long line, but after moving them around they get in bunches and then to be changed to line then lose again.


This does not happen for me.
Here my guess whats going on.
They always try to face the enemy. By rotating with enemys they start bunching up or the area is to tight for them to keep a spread out formation.

When i place my troop i always tell them how to stand so they won't rotate with the enemy. So maybe that why this problem doesn't occur for me.

Could that be the reason?
I’ve noticed this but never bothered to actually think about this. Yeah it’s a problem particularly with trying to strategically place them.
this is especially bad during sieges, in villages and on top of hills.

it seems there's something weird and ****y about unit collision and sizes in formations and their interaction with the ground
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