Please fix enemy troops flees, if we do not alrdy command our troops to attack we cannot give command during the simulation to attack and kill

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Why can't we command our troops when we won the simulation when the enemies are fleeing anymore?!?! Please bring back so we can give command when the enemies are fleeing so our troops can pursue and kill the last enemies so that we won't have to chase them on the map further if we want to wipe them off the map so they can't recover...I cannot even give command anymore. I remember the old build we can...Why remove this feature?? it doesn't make sense


I noticed that too and it sucks, once the "enemies are fleeing" notification pops up you can no longer issue commands to your troops, if you now have some formations on the map that didn't yet charge or move to enemy they will just stand around instead of hunting them down because you can't give any more commands.
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