please expand the shield protection area against projectiles

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The issue where the server misreads your shield input angle (the server shows you are blocking a different angle then what you are blocking on your screen; so if you are blocking down the server shows you as blocking right and arrows go through your shield) is still present.

If this issue cannot be resolved perhaps having a uniform blocking angle of center by default would be best.

Besides this issue I would like to request that when your weapon is sheathed that your hand does not stick out from behind your shield and be vulnerable to archer fire.

Being able to crouch with your shield up and not be able to be shot in the foot would be nice to. Maybe a system when if you walk with your shield up your feet cannot be shot but if you run with your shield up your feet can still be shot. This way there is a conservative way to play the game and not get shot by arrows instead of always being vulnerable.
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Marvellous how the solution in the title to the problem is never repeated in the thread. Fits the trend.
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