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Please Endorse The Mod On Nexus (if you like it!)

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Mod endorsements on the Nexus filesite matter a lot, in terms of mod rankings.  It's a little different than Janus's system on the old Mount and Blade file server, where the star rating was there, but wasn't used by the system unless a person was just searching for a well-ranked mod (which, surprisingly enough for such a bizarre, non-historical mod, has been great for Blood and Steel).

Anyhow, on Nexus even a great mod will get hidden pretty quickly if it doesn't have many Endorsements, and given that I'm probably not going to be able to pour lots of time into the mod at this point, I am hoping it doesn't just disappear over time, especially when we get to Mount and Blade II, and presumably this area of the Forum will get a little marginalized.

Anyhow, if you loved the mod's previous versions and are pretty sure you're going to like 1.5, please take the time to click on the Endorse button when downloading 1.5, that will really help keep the mod visible and getting looks on the Nexus over the longer term.

Sorry if that sounds self-aggrandizing.  I have done practically zero promotion for this mod and have seen it get downloaded a staggering amount anyhow, and I wouldn't normally ask this of folks.

I've seen how Nexus works, and the popularity-contest stuff matters.  This will help out over the long term, presuming that Warband mods remain popular for another year or two :smile:
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