(Please Contribute!) What kind of Mods do you want to see?

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Prophesy of Pendor and Sword of Damocles was good. I most want to see Native mods that will properly fix and complete the game. An rpg mod, completed interiors for every building. There was a Custom Settlements mod for Warband. I'd like to see that in Bannerlord. I'd also like 50-60 unique scenes that can discovered while scouting. Woodland hermit huts, caves, ruins, roadside taverns. I want a mod that makes unique battle scenes for every grid on the map so that where you are when you fight is represented in scene. Diplomacy mod is an obvious must. Proper story and characters.. Worthwhile exploration in scenes - dungeons, ruins.. come-on.

1. Kingdoms - 2 castles. Each on opposite sides of a massive map. Farms forest rivers and huts between. Capturing and holding control points gives player and team denars to spend on recruitment and equipment at respawn. 5 players per team, 100 recruit cap per side.
2. Siege captain - captain mode and siege combined.
3. Commander - select and battle whole army. command them all 1v1 or with up to 2 captains (players) per side. Issue commands to troops and captains as in SP.

In short, my #1 hope is to see large collaborative projects flesh out Native Bannerlord. Minor additions and tweaks can be cute / useful, but it takes years of dedicated collaborative effort to make something with superb quality that is massive and game changing.
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i want to see freelancer, ability to marry notables to keep with merchant or peasant or soldier role plays, and the promised but not added feature of NPC marriage because NPC's cant marry they cant have kids meaning that the dynasties system is completely flawed and you cant play the game as your grand kids because by the time you die and become your kids you are in fertile thus ending the game.
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This game wont be „finished” even in one year, thats why we still need to count on modders and their work. Actually i use 38 mods in my playthrough and can”t imagine this great but buggy game without them.


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I guess it has been said before, but I'm really curious about that Kingdoms of Arda LotR mod.
It definitely looks promising if the team can pull that off!