Suggestion General Please consider storing the 'Reason' behind a Relation change

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There are many reasons relation may change between two entities in BL and being able to access the reasons behind a given relation would enable modders to bring more life to NPCs in the game, through differing interactions based on what actually happened between two individuals.

As an example, when the player encounters a Lord on the map, there could be a wealth of history between the two that's currently not brought to light in game. Maybe this Lord hates the player for raiding their fief, murdering a friend, voting against them in a kingdom decision, and so on. If I were able to review the history of relation changes between two Individuals, I would be able to make much more dynamic and meaningful dialog between the player and any lord. Doing so would 1) add additional context to the encounter and 2) make the player feel that their actions have had an affect on the world. I feel that both 1) Encounter context and 2) Player affect on the world, are two areas that the game could massively improve upon, and I believe expanding relation from just an int to a list of <int relation, String reason>(or something similar) would enable modders to make these improvements. the current relation number could still be used in most calculations, but at least when it comes to player interaction, this 'reason' could be pulled into dialog variation logic.

I've been designing a mod that is basically a 'Narrative Director', not unlike Rimworld, where I would dynamically tell stories through dialog and quests. If I could pull from the reasons behind a relation I feel that I could tell much more interesting stories.

As always, thanks for the support TW.
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