Please add vote to concede in the next patch!

Add "concede vote" for next patch is a must?

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Hey guys,

please, for the love of all that is good and holy, patch these things because they're like the most annoying practices that really drive people insane and are the biggest time wasters and enable rambo's to drag the games on endlessly. They make captain mode a pain to play.

1) Cav parking
I can't even express how annoying this is. Easily +5 minutes for every played round, also adding endless reports too that your customer service has to go through and enabling toxic behaviour and chat.

2) Suicide rambo
To be fair there are moments where one guy can kill 10 guys, but it shouldn't be the case with one guy vs 5 full player units. The game will never be able to judge what is the case so let the team vote on the chance of a guy being enabled as an hero for the luls.

3) Coward
The last guy who thinks its hilarious to run away from his death

If you dont want (or need more time) to add things like "cav following player after a specific range threshold", please just add a team concede vote! I think 5 players know damn well when to shut up their teammate going in circles endlessly.

This would be sooooo helpful. Everybody knows when a battle is lost and a concede vote will just teach manners to the egoistic players that can't face the inevitable so they don't do those bad practices and keep moving!! As well as reports will decline by default!!


Something has to be done. I've actually only played maybe 5 rounds the last month and before I played like 5 rounds a day but if I have to waste 20-30 minutes every game watching some hero running around I'm done. This is easely the most annoying part of captain
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