Please add more reasons to enter a city,tavern and castle

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So right now you can basically do anything from ui screen; which can be okay but like i said, you can basically do everything. and i feel like the town and tavern scenes have huge potential. As much as little we saw even the prison break missions can be made from ui alone, unlike warband. Please add more reasons to enter a city,tavern and a castle. İt could be missions or any other thing basically.


If we want something to do in the settlements the settlements must become like a battlefield.

They should focus more on the bandit/gang leader playthrough where you gain access over districts fight in gang fights. Setup smugglers routes... This would be a nice feature to see.


isnt there are a quest for finding the spy?
i just wait until they make every city unique looking. then i will visit every city.
i also hope there will come much more life in the cities, casltes and towns, but thats right now that the priority.


For the quest with the spy you just need to find the spy. The ally's is just a place where the spy is located.

This feature would allow you to control streets and setup some shady businesses to earn gold. This in it's turn can act like a form of passive income for a bandit playthrough.
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