Suggestion Material Editor Please add "Compile Shaders" for all new resources just like shaders in Native module

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For all the resources of the vanilla, there is this file:
Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Shaders\D3D11\compressed_shader_cache.sack
This file contains all the required shaders. This allows the player to enter the game very quickly.
We need a similar files in Modules. It can be a button in the Modding Tool for create shader cache files. Or when Publish Modules , generate a "compressed_shader_cache" files automatically.
Then when players using modules, load this files.

Players are suffering a great deal if we won't have this method.
The resources of the module, require players to pause in the course of the game after opening the game to generate shaders.
It took too much time.
Example :
Mod "The Old Realms" take an hour and a half enter main menu or battlefield.
Mod "The Land of Sika" take an hour to enter main menu or battlefield.

I noticed that in the "Meterial Editor", We have a button that "Compile Shader".
However, this will only output a few temporary files to "C:\ProgramData\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Shaders\CoreShaders\D3D11", which cannot be made available give to the player can use.

Some other similar feedback:
Known Issues
The very first time you load the game after downloading and enabling our mod will be slow. The game will appear to be stuck on the loading screen - this is normal. The game is compiling shaders in the background. Depending on your PC's specifications, this may take anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour. Once you are in the main menu, it is highly recommended that you pick the option to "Build Shader Cache". This will also result in a long loading screen, but once you are done, your gameplay experience is going to be smooth. This step is not mandatory, but if you choose to not do it, your campaign will have many 5 minute loading screens when loading into battles until you have encountered all types of armies/parties with all of our custom assets present.
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