please add a one life mode to matchmaking

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Matchmaking would be perfect for a single life mode.

I do not care if it is battle mode or a battle royal mode, having the option to leave and rejoin matchmaking to play instantly instead of waiting for the whole game to be over in order to respawn is a good idea.

Please have more then two modes to use matchmaking with, it is a shame to waste such a good game finding mechanic on modes that are hardly played.


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This is a terrible idea. If you made battle into a matchmaking mode no one will play. The ability to see who is playing on the server list makes people play those modes. When people queue and don't get in they stop queueing and now there is less people queueing which makes more people stop and the cycle repeats.


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I can't imagine a one life mode in matchmaking being all that enjoyable considering some of the imbalances put into the base game.

As i've mentioned in other threads, Recruit is so laughably bad that he's actually a downside for every other Imperial Unit, while Sturgia and Aserai are sorely lacking in blunt weapons. I know some people find the Vlandian cavalry to be problematic, though my personal gripe with them is how defenseless they are if their horse dies compared to other cavalry unit in the game. I personally think that Knight needs a "Medium Cavalry" perk that downgrades the Lance to a Long Spear, but also grants a much better sword than being stuck with the slowest one-handed cut weapon in the game.

I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned how Battle mode has made the stronger factions even better, while the middling and bad factions are even worse.
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