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Do you support the Europe 1805 - II version?

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Yeah I know of the Kalmar Union. It's interesting to know what it would have become if it still existed nowadays.

In fact, if I remember right, Danes and Swedes have the record of having most wars between two specific countries in history  :lol:
Really? Woa, many hot headed guys over there.


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I know Quint is currently working on other project (it's fantastic) and that he might be just too busy, but will version 2.3 ever be released?


This is the best mod I have ever played for Mount and Blade, it is full-filled, it has a lot of new features, it challenges you, as it is realistic, and going one-man army is tough in this mod. You have to rely on your soldiers and good tactics if you want to win a battle without too many losses. Also cavalry have lost the major advantage they used to have in battle-fields. If you loose your line-infantry, you loose the battle, if your line-infantry loose you, you still have a chance of winning. Great job.


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Did I give you the right to shout and to swear? Calm down, guy and write your suggestions in a clear summary and not here, but in [Research Center] - Ideas & Suggestions & Research.

- Regional troops for Baltic states.
- Change AI behavior on world map (more aggresive).
- Re check for Baltic states on world map.

^ This is something I can work with, other things are ignored.

Captured Joe

Just shout and swear hard enough, and you will get some serious attention...?

Dude... have some respect for the modders that dedicate their time and energy to make a free mod for you... for people who mostly won't even say thank you for your efforts.

Also, messing with baltic states? Wut?
Your baltic states didn't exist back then, you were all part of either Prussia or Mother Russia.

About AI: I would suggest drastically lowering the amount of caravans travelling around between cities, it will surely help.


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Matiss_Veinbergs said:
at least i got attention
I pay attention to everyone when I have time and when I look.

Why i shouted was, becasue on other websites you are ignored with your requests *coughcivfanaticscough* and sometimes even censored before you can even sqeeze a sound, or in  this case a digit.
Who's 'you'? I am not ignored.

Also, you could at least say "wow, i didnt knew somone would be so mad and make youtube series of my mod"
Too busy dealing with your complaints.


a small piece of advice, treat people you don't know like people you don't know instead of assuming you know exactly how they'll react to anything you say. Be polite and treat them as you wish to be treated. It'll generate more positive reactions, usually, and if it doesn't, you cn blast away with anger later. The important thing is to first do the right thing, not to do wrong and apologise afterwards.

As a small remark of my own - Ofcourse this mod isn't 100% historically accurate. The complete range of politics, upheavals, regional dissent, rebellions (which are happening in the game as you play too) and seperatist movements is near impossible to put in. It would be impossible to put in every major town, city, fortification and important village, choices have to be made. Additionally, The same goes for names of places. Even in such a simple place like belgium, many places have two names - one in dutch, on in french. In the end, the dev has to pick one and stick with it and someone on either side of the choice is going to get insulted. Another choice is accessibility to players from different regions - some feel with the names would be nice. That you disagree with the choices doesn't make it a bad mod.

Tom Bubu

Yeah, exactly, this mod is greeeaaaat one  :wink:
But the names of towns....it's impossible to fulfill wish of everyone. For example, the Czech and Slovak towns are called in their historic German and Hungarian names. Actually I don't even mind it because it makes better feeling of the period. I am even happy they are there  :grin: 
And actually almost every town in game can have 2 names, territories were changing, nations were conquered etc.  :razz:

Edit: lol, I've just got crazy idea of having option in Manage Town menu, in which you could name the town  when you own it. :mrgreen:


not completely name it yourself, but maybe as a different faction conquers it, it will also change names? Well, sounds fun, but might be a lot of effort, so I'm not even putting it up as a suggestion


more buildings for the villages would be nice though. They're a bit extremely limited compared to the cities

ok, it does make sense ofcourse, cities is where the big things happen, but a few more would be nice
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