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BL Coding Playing an agent animation via code

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I have a function which gets called by a hotkey, that unequips an item and equips a different one.
In between I would like the agent to do a custom animation. The animation is already added via the modding kit, but I cant find any code to carry out an animation by string.

Has anyone any idea how to call the animation via c# ?

Any help is appreciated.
First you need to define your custom animation in action_sets.xml.

<action type="act_unequip_custom" animation="unequip_custom" />

Then you need to define your action type in action_types.xml.

<action name="act_unequip_custom" type="actt_equip_unequip" />

Finally you need to implement your custom animation in item_holsters.xml. There will be a lot of values in there that you will need to tweak yourself, but mainly the unequip_action will have to be act_unequip_custom.
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But wouldnt that mean I get the animation everytime I unequip the item?
I still want the normal unequipping and equipping, I just need the special animation when the hotkey is used.
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Hmm after looking through the code I am unable to see how it can be done. @Dejan any thoughts?

I advise you make a request to the devs to create documentation on this.
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Thanks anyway, I wasnt aware of the act thingy, and I think I found a possibility to call an act via code. I will try it at the weekend and post here the solution, if it works.
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In DismembermentPlus, a while back I was able to force the death animation of a agent by using the following. Where activeAgent is your target and xxNameofAnimationxx was name of animation.

My case I was using "act_fall_hard_legs_hold_left".
activeagent.SetActionChannel(0, ActionIndexCache.Create("xxNameofAnimationxx"));

It worked for my purposes
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