Playing against Cav is fun

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You might think this is sarcasm, but it's not.

One of the most satisfying things in battle mode is spearing a horse and having your teammates swarm the enemy.

Or, patrolling across a decent sized gap as a lone long menevlion and watching 3 or 4 enemy cav rethink their flanking decisions and then eff off.

And archers, don't tell me that the best shots aren't headshots on cav riding perpendicular to you.

What's not fun? Not hearing the horse behind you, and being chain attacked from 3 different directions (but note that if you are being chain attacked by cavalry from different directions it's likely that your team has already lost and you are simply being mopped up.)

What could be different? Map design and infantry coordination is everything when dealing with cavalry. Some of the captain maps being used for battle favor cavalry due to the small unit count and open terrain (obviously)
Best feeling ever is playing cav and oneshoting a clueless archer from behind. You feel so mighty :sneaky:

And the best part is when you know he almost brakes his keyboard while yelling at himself: how did he kill me ????

good times


I agree about the sound of the approaching cavalry, something needs to be done about this because it's just stupid. The rider should not be able to silently reach you while galloping.


Playing anti-cav was my favourite in Warband, but in BL one person can stop the horse then after 4 people whacking them they can just ride off.
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