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Hello! I am Malcontent_Horse, a huge fan of all Taleworlds titles particularly Bannerlord 2!

Recently discussing some criticisms and possible fixes for Bannerlord I was told by some community members to air my thoughts here.

Player Relations to Lords!

Primarily my idea revolves around war and relationships with individual lords and clans. Let's run through a scenario:

You are a low level, or just small, bandit company. Let's say 30 members, sizeable, enough to prey on some settlements if your units are well geared and you are good in a fight. You come up to a choice village and begin raiding, suddenly you find yourself at war with all of Swadia! Now this makes sense, you are an aggressor and they respond by declaring war and trying to kill you. But should the entire kingdom of Swadia want your blood?

Here are my thoughts. If you were to attack a village it would be the lord of that village responsibility to defend it and keep out bandits, right? If I were to raid a random village belonging to a completely different family and clan why would the King of Swadia bother chasing down a 30 stack of bandits when he has wars to fight?

What I believe should happen is that the fief owner alone declares war on the player and their clan. It is his land, his responsibility to defend it after all. He could track you down himself or maybe he spends some gold to beef up security in his fiefdom by adding some patrols or now villager parties leaving his towns now have armed escorts. If you continue to be a thorn in his side this problem escalates. RP wise he would approach his clan leader and ask for assistance in dealing with you and in return the entire clan would be out for your head.

Slowly this will snowball until it is the entire kingdom that has now deemed you enough of a menace to society to track you down and kill or imprison you. I feel like this type of system would be a much better way to develop individual relationships with specific clans or lords and make the world feel more alive.

How I think this could be implemented into the game

I have zero knowledge of coding or of programming so I am not sure how easy or hard adding this in would be but the way I look at it is when the lord decides to move up to asking his clan leader for help depends on your relationship to that clan. Attacking the lords holdings would lower your reputation with him but you would also take a hit to your reputation with the clan to begin with. Each act of aggression could net a few negative points to your rep and lets say when it hits -20 for clan reputation or -50 for the lords reputation the clan you're harassing declares war on you. And when that gets even lower to a different threshold the kingdom or maybe another allied clan declares war on you.


Violent aggression towards lords does not send you to war with the entire faction, just with said lord. Further aggression snowballs this to the lords clan and then even further to the entire kingdom itself if you are enough of a pain in the ass.
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