Player Marrying INTO another Clan? Starting with a Clan should be Optional.

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I tested out the console command of campaign.change_clan_leader and I decided to play as just some guy from my family since I can't switch players until death and even if I did, I become a clan leader anyway... And I thought to myself, wouldn't it be cool if we could just marry into other clans normally and roleplay the rise of that family instead or just go through your descendants and seeing where you end up in Calradia's family tree?

I want to roleplay my child being sent as a diplomatic marriage to secure relationship points. for example and see where they go with their lives.

I know this might be iffy with the fact that you START with a clan, as well as I'm not sure if the game would crash if I were to spawn in without a clan and just be like NPCs, but having that extra layer of growth may make games more meaningful since you have the option to actually start as a real nobody without 1000 denariis to their name ready to pick up the first random schmuck down the street.

In fact, your background should determine how much actual gold you actually have at start.
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