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BEAST is the first Bannerlord Skirmish tournament in Europe.

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Grandmaster Knight
Basically post your information and I'll try to make something for the future, for when we have streamer tools. The information I'm after is obviously entirely optional, and if theres a question you dont want people to know, you can simply skip that part. Maybe you just want to show your pretty ingame face, I dont judge. The more information you give, the better.
Obviously most players dont visit the forum, so I'd appriciate if more people are told about this, to get as many people as possible. Entire teams would be great.
The goal is to use it either as player introductions, or a head to head comparison, something along those lines for when commentating. It'll hopefully be in your best interest to contribute to it.
If you/they dont want to post it on the forum, PM it, or Steam, or Discord, whichever you want.

Please follow the setup below:

Age(birthyear prefered):
Main class:

Past  Clans:
Favorite faction:
Favorite map:

In-game character picture:

Feel free to be creative with the picture, just make sure the head is fully shown, since thats the most important part. Preferebly from the shoulder and above. Also I'm after the multiplayer character, so if you want any special helmet or clothing, recreate or import it into singleplayer and get it there. If you're playing with low graphics, posting the character code would be nice aswell, since I might have to recreate it myself.

This is a work in progress thing, I threw this together real quick to show what an example might potentially look like.

(Im not very good at photoshop stuff, and this is something I threw together relatively quickly last season when I had the idea, which explains the outdated stats)


Sergeant Knight at Arms
Nickname: Effect
Nation: Turkey
Age(birthyear prefered): 1997
Main class: Infantry

Clan: High Five
Past Clans: High Five since 2012
Favorite faction: Khuzait
Favorite map: Town Outskirst

In-game character picture: tba
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Nickname: TheGioMan (TheGiodude)
Nation: Republic of Turkey
Age(birthyear prefered):1990
Main class: Infantry

Clan: The Stygian Raven (STIX)
Past Clans: High Five (HV) ; (CoR) Court of Reveran (back in 2010s, Warband days)
Favorite faction: Vlandia/Battania
Favorite map: Town Outskirts

In-game character picture:

Thank you very much Greed, effort very much appreciated.
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Nickname: Livso The Khorne Flake
Nation: Czech Republic
Age(birthyear prefered): 1998
Main class: Cavalry

Clan: Men of Borr
Past Clans: Men of Borr only (5-6 years)
Favorite faction: Empire/ Khuzait
Favorite map: Trading post

In-game character picture:

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Master Knight
Nickname: Einar
Nation: Norway
Age(birthyear prefered): 2000
Main class: Archer

Clan: KW (Nov '20 - Present)
Past Clans: OD (Aug '20 - Nov '20)
Favorite faction: Battania
Favorite map: Trading (Out)Post

In-game character picture:
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Nickname: Neena
Nation: France
Age(birthyear prefered): X
Main class: Cavalry

Clan: Restitutor Orbis (RO)
Past Clans: Restitutor Orbis (SFB - Savage French Baguette)
Favorite faction: Battania/Sturgia
Favorite map: Xauna


TheBard ✂

Salt Knight
Master Knight
Nickname: bard Iscariot
Nation: Germany
Age (birthyear prefered): 1995
Main class: Cavalry

Clan: Div Chao
Past Clans: Memento Mori, Deutschritter, Divine Masters
Favorite faction: Sturgia
Favorite map: Echerion

In-game character picture:
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Nickname: Hodor

Nation: Belgium

Age(birthyear prefered): 2003

Main class: Infantry / Archer (mouse broken :sad: )

Clan: Restitvtor Orbis (RØ)

Past Clans: KoA / SFB / VW 1

Favorite faction: Vlandia

Favorite map: Echerion / Xauna

In-game character picture:


Nickname: Windmarq
Nation: Turkey
Age(birthyear prefered): 1998
Main class: Infantry

Clan: High Five MaTaDoR
Past Clans: ChasingGlory(CG)2013-2016/Klan Kardesler Kebab Salonu (KKKE)2016-2016/ChasingGlory (CG)2016-2020/HighFive (H5) 2020-2021
Favorite faction: Peasants (If not possible: Sturgia)
Favorite map: TradePost

In Game Pic:


Subforum Moderator
Nickname: Lucon
Nation: Turkey / Balkan
Age(birthyear prefered): 1992
Main class: Cavalry

Clan: Vineyard Workers
Past Clans: Keyboard Warriors, Kingdom of Calradoi, 6OK, 3OK, Golden Horde
Favorite faction: Vlandia, Empire, Khuzait, Sturgia
Favorite map: Town Outskirst, TradePost, Echerion


Nickname: Krisee
Nation: Netherlands
Age(birthyear prefered): 2001
Main class: Infantry

Clan: Risen Manifest Super
Past Clan: Keyboard Warriors
Favorite faction: Khuzait
Favorite map: Xauna/Echerion. **** spawn camping though.
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Grandmaster Knight
Alrighty! I let this bake for a while, thanks to everyone whos taken place so far!
A few are missing pictures, but considering streaming tools seem to be far away, theres plenty of time.

Big ups to Hodor for the transparant background (y) (y)

This is very cool idea, I hope it will work for some greater use someday :grin:


Grandmaster Knight
Im pretty much ready to stream whenever we're given the streaming tools, until then all I can do is prepare.
I've made the player introductions for all the players submitted, to be used whenever their teams play. Looking for other things to use it for (and to improve my novice levels of photoshop)

If people want a pokemon card looking thing to put in their signatures or something, I can look into it, but I'm not exactly a wizard at photoshop.


Grandmaster Knight
Ressurecting this topic because now I'm actually able to commentate matches. Please submit the info asked, and provide a picture and it'll be shown in the pre-game for matches you're taking part in.

TheBard ✂

Salt Knight
Master Knight
Ressurecting this topic because now I'm actually able to commentate matches. Please submit the info asked, and provide a picture and it'll be shown in the pre-game for matches you're taking part in.
Updated mine, even though I dont expect to be in a preview :'D You should cover thge Draft Cup on the 11th. x)
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