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Player as a claimant

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Would be great if the player would also be able to act as a claimant. Currently, the only way to become king of existing kingdom is joining them as vassal, getting 1 million denars or so (which 100% guarantees becoming electing as a king), and cross fingers waiting that the current king dies asap.

I personally enjoy a lot playing as a character with X culture, becoming the king of X culture’s kingdom, and taking ownership of some same culture settlements. This is currently almost impossible to do, except if you join as vassal in a neighbor kingdom, conquer some settlements belonging to the kingdom you want to become the king, then betray that neighbor kingdom, pay for peace, and then join as vassal to the kingdom you want to be king, and wait for the current king dies. Some kings are young, so the wating for them dying usually means that you get bored of the current campaign and stop playing it.

Would be really nice if the player would have tools for starting a civil war, and if the player wins, he would become the king of the kingdom, and would get some kingdom’s settlements during the civil war.
I haven't personally done this before, but I'm fairly certain you can already do this. Once you're a vassal for a kingdom, you can join factions within the realm. They're made up of all the clans of the realm, and within this faction screen you're able to create a succession faction, and if your faction wins, you are able to impose yourself (or potentially another clan) to lead the kingdom. You can persuade other clans in your kingdom to join/leave a faction and anyone that opposes the faction (from my understanding) will result in a civil war with the succession faction.
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