Player and NPC Attributes

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Currently they're a bit dull - you get one attribute every three levels and besides increasing the learning limit of their governing skills they don't really do a whole lot to justify that level of rarity. Especially when there's perks that are dedicated to give you one of these supposedly precious stats. So my suggestion is to have the attributes themselves do something.


My suggestions are as follows:

2% Damage melee and ranged per point.

Control: 2.5% Attack speed and accuracy/(Handling) per point.

Endurance: +5 Max hitpoints +2% healing speed per point.

Cunning: +2% Campaign speed +2% Speed on foot.

Social: +4 Party size +3% increase relation gain and -3% relation lost (diminishing returns at 33%)

Intelligence: Small boost to all skills learning rate per point


Obviously there's room for changes or tweaks here and there, but it's a hell of a lot better than the vanilla staleness of nothing (You could also make the bonuses of the stats modder friendly to allow even more spice)
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