Plans to add Custom servers to the game?

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Are there plans to allow people to host their own Bannerlord servers? If so, when can we expect this update?

I realize this topic has probably has been discussed at length, however, after playing this game on and off since EA launched, I can't help but ponder this question, as the bounty of custom multiplayer content is what made Warband such an unforgettable experience, yet even after 1.5 years of EA I've seen absolutely no sign of any plans to enable this critical feature in Bannerlord, even tho I fully expected it to be available upon launch.

So, seeing how the.. lackluster state of multiplayer continues to drag on, update after update, I would be sincerely grateful for any information about what's in store for the future of Bannerlord multiplayer.


Problem with custom servers is that they'll probably allow for the implementation of third-party plugins to allow modders to do TaleWorlds' job in actually balancing the game. And we can't have that.


/me hugs Goodkat.

I'm reinstalling the game to see how far they have got since I last played it, and I expect I will be disappointed.

Edit - Yep, disappointed.
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