SP Musket Era Modern Pirates mod! Released! V2.5 for 0.751 updated 18/4

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Hey, yoshi, can you make it so that instead of just one place to board the ship, make several, and make the boats bigger, because i often find myself with me and my first mate attacking 20 guys and he dies right away, and i cant fire or block or anything.
swinging ropes would be cool, and snipers on the birds nests would be even cooler.

just some food for thought
nice one

One thing about the mod: What's the deal with the blunderbuss?
10 shots then a reload seems a bit over the top. I don't know about the realism but I think a shot gun style gun would fit better.
Overall I'm amazed by the mod. Good work!
I found a bug. When you get a mission from your lords about delivering ketches the dialogue freezes.

Also, another bug that seems to hit me when I venture too close to the bottom of the map in South America, my comp runs out of static vertex buffer memory and M&B crashes. That only happens to me in massive battles with 200+ combatants so something must be wrong with the campaign map in that area.

A third bug I've found is that when I try to enter Dorak Keep it crashes because some kind of object is missing.

A small suggestion: You should have a wooden fort manned by the Natives somewhere.

Love your mod anyways.
thanks for the feedback. OF course i would love to have the blunderbuss as a shotgun type thing but its not possible in M&B atm, i think i will reduce the clip size to 5 or 7.

I will remove some more trees from the bottom of the map.

i will most likely have a woodern manned fort at some point :smile:
This is an incredible mod. Great work, and really fun to play at this stage.

The ship battles tend to get a bit crowded, even with the suggested 20 man battle limit. I have a question that i'm not sure about because I don't know much about modding:

In a battle where there are more combatants than your battle limit allows at once, can you mod where 'reinforcements' spawn? Because in large battles that have lots of combatants, maybe you could simulate guys coming out of the ships' holds by spawning them on the doors to the lower decks. That way the fight scene doesn't start with everyone on the deck at once, it won't be quite as crowded, and the fight won't be interrupted by the 'ship combat menu' as often.

And now that I think about it, couldn't that be implemented for fort sieges as well? Once a bunch of the defenders on the wall have been killed, their 'reinforcements' could maybe spawn by the doors to the keep or at one of the towers and join the battle already in progress...

Also, I don't think the indigenous american peoples had horses at this time. I thought they were brought from europe.

Wicked mod, though.
i really need peoples feedback on the ship battle system as it is at the moment. How do people feel ship battles could be improved. At the moment i am looking toward making it similar in its set up but completely scene based to involve the player more. Hopefully with accompanying sounds and effects.

But i am really looking for some bright ideas.

Of course i am making the ships alot bigger for th next release as well as making a huge number more pretty props (and i just finished all the new skins which look supurb). So, what are peoples ideas? What are your main gripes with the ship combat.

(take note i am also making cannon fireing do less damage to your own troops and making the degree of tactics larger.
As per your solicitation of suggestion yoshi:

I think what could really help the ship combat is more gangplanks. As it is all the fighitng is either on or at the end of the gangplank. Given that in a real ship boarding people would be just jumping ship to ship, the sreas where people can cross over need to be multiplied.

Also, some cover would be nice. Given that we can't crouch behind the deck rail, spawning closest to the edge means death by musketeers.

If you can play with re-enforcement spawn points, I'd suggest implementing franbeard's idea and having spawn points on the ships. That way we could really play with the battle slider until we found a level of troops that fits well.

Now for something completely off the wall. I don't mod, so I don't know if this is possible. But if objects can be placed in battle scenes, and if the triggers for the objects can link to scripts other than conversation and passages, you could put working cannon on the deck of the ship, add a ammo type 'cannonball' not used with normal weapons and have it fire. Or if that wouldn't work, play a sound and have characters along a x-aligment take damage/die.

I said it was off the wall.
yes, i will have to play with the mission templates a bit. I might need to talk to janus about that. At the moment there are a total of ten spawn points for each side, each spawn spawing one person so they dont spill over the sides of the ship. Re-enforcements are meant to spawn, but it seems they dont, it also seems that 10 people always spawn for each side. I will take a look at this.

As far as the cannon idea goes. Its just not possible in M&B atm. Dont expect any kind of manual cannon fire :razz:
I have noticed that when taking a ketch up against a sloop, I invariably start the battle right in front of the gangplank, facing directly away from the enemy...can be sort of frustrating when the enemy starts shooting me before I can even turn to face them.

Also, I agree that more gangplanks would be a good thing...npcs without missile weapons have a tendency to get stuck because they can't find the gangplank, and get chewed up without a chance to fight back if their opponents have missile weapons. I know I've taken out 10 or more by myself in this sort of situation without any risk.
One thing I noticed is that the new head armor supresses hair (to baldly go where no man has gone before). Units and heroes are now only lightly armored, mostly without shields - that hurts... I like it.
Could you not set the rate of fire for the blunderbuss high enough that tapping the button would make it fire three to five times? That would get a shotgun type effect...Right now it is easily the best weapon once your skill gets over 100
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