Ping is fine but I still can't feint smoothly like in Singleplayer

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Oliver Qvist

So, I'm on wireless. I get a minimum 70 ping, avrage of 80 and max 100. Im mostly on 75 ping. Is that really that bad? That is a 0.07ms delay, wich is nothing...
When I feint it stops for 1 seconds before it switches, or with heavier weapons like 2 handers it can go in slowmotion sometimes or I can't see the full animation of the feints happening.

Is this a fixable bug or is it just something I'm gonna have to live with intill I get 4G where I live?
Well, your internet has 0 effect on your single player, since it's single-player. The game isn't connected to the internet. It's probably a fps problem. Can you run the game smoothly? Or, it could be some peripheral(mouses/keyboards) problem. Maybe your computer isn't recognizing the keystrokes fast enough?(might be a terribly wrong judgment)
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