Ping Inconsistency on NA Servers

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My internet is 1000 MBPS (Ethernet) - I'm not flexing I'm explaining that this is 100% not a client-side issue.

Occasionally, people on NA servers will have horrible ping. I launch the game today and it says I have 180 ping on an NA server, but other people are fine. Sometimes everyone's ping will be bad. What's up with this?

Is there a fix to this, if so how do I go about fixing it. Will there be a permanent fix to this soon?

Tried restarting, still 180 ping. Did a speed test, everything checks out on my end.


Saw people I usually play with on the EA server with the same problem, We usually have 150 ping but were hitting up to 400 on that evening. Did similar tests as mentioned above, no VPN running etc. Was definitely not from our end.


Since the last update my ping has been making 40 point jumps and is unstable -- which makes playing impossible... particularly when I play on EU servers (because I can't get a game in NA servers). :sad:
my ping is usually 44 , but lately it is almost 200 which makes it unplayable, only in this game do i have that problem warband on xbow i never have a ping problem,

any developer have an explanation?
An Ethernet cord is a pretty good counter to these occasional ping spikes. I went from playing with 95+ on NA East that would spike regularly into the 120s and occasionally for hours on end at 300-1000 to consistently getting ~85 on NA E and mid-to-high 20s on NA West with no spikes really ever lasting more than 5 minutes, and below 200 at all times, even when playing in EU
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