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MP Musket Era Pike & Shotte (RELEASED)

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New unit in progress: Queen's Regiment of Horse


Regiment of Horse raised in 1643 upon Queen's arrival in England. It included many French volunteers and it had an infantry counterpart named The Queen's Regiment of Foote (not represented in the mod). It's noted as a horse regiment with the largest amount of French in it. It took place in many famous battles such as the Battle of Naseby or the First Battle of Newbury.
Source: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:http://www.ecwsa.org/histktequeenslifeguardofhorse.html&gws_rd=cr&ei=Sa8ZWZC7HoKy6ATI36_gDw
It has been a little while since we posted anything, apologies for that. Dazzer is mainly trying to iron out a few bugs and is finalising a few bits here and there. I meanwhile have been doing a bit more mapping. Here is one based upon Newark c.1646, specifically the 'Queen's Sconce':
  As you can see it still needs work and a few textures need to be fixed but it gives a rough idea of what it will look like. The plan is is that half the defenders will deploy in the scones (the central fort in the middle of the map, the other half in Newark (top left of the first picture)and the attackers will spawn at Colonel-General Sydenham Poyntz's Headquarters opposite the Sconce (centre right). The objective is to take the sconce, the defenders in Newark can either try to support the sconce with their artillery or sally out and try to reinforce the sconce, something the attackers will have to take into consideration.
  I am also working on a small training map based on the Old Artillery Grounds in London, here is a sneak preview of one of the features of the map:
My apologies for the double post but I thought I would keep people up to date with progress. Here is the training map I am working on, it is based off of the Old Artillery Ground in London:
  We may not have the model of the church in-game for the first release but it should be in a follow up patch. Our Community Manager will hopefully aim to host a proper server for us to host events for the mod for when we release, he aims to do this over the summer (July/August) so keep an eye out around that time.


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Hello people. Im very sorry to let you know that we have encountered a bug that makes the game crash whenever you join a faction. We have no idea what might be causing it, as we have done nothing with coding lately, so it will take us more time to resolve this issue. Again we are very sorry to prolong the release of the mod and hopefully we'll be able to fix it soon.



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That sucks :sad:

I hope you manage to work it out, perhaps it was some minor edit with the textures of the coats of arms or something else that appears with the faction menu.
A quick update since it has been a few weeks since we last posted. We have had to go back to using a slightly earlier version of the mod that I had due to the reasons Dazzer has stated in previous posts. It is not too different though, primarily it is a matter of fixing some units that don't have the correct models/textures, fiddling with some stats and adding a few new regiments. The only serious problem I have noticed when mapping is that the weather seems to be bugged:
example A is the Marston Moor map with the weather settings I had set for it in an even earlier version of the mod where it worked fine:
example B is the same map, nothing changed, in the newer version. I have had the same problems with new maps I have made:
  Something has probably got changed somewhere along the line that should not have, hopefully we should be able to solve it, if not it is not a huge deal but I am aiming to have the correct weather for certain historical battles.
  In the meantime here is a new map I am working on based on the Battle of Modbury (1643). It happened in February so I am not 100% certain there was snow on the ground at the time but I wanted to have a snow map for variety, again previously mentioned bugs apply so it is not perfect and I still have to add/change a few things:
  Hopefully then we should have the following maps in the mod:
- Naseby
- Marston Moor
- Philliphaugh
- Powick Bridge
- Old Artillery Ground (training map)
- Newark
- Modbury
- Auldearn (possibly)
- Oxburgh Hall (possibly)
- Whitehall (possibly)
- Westminster (possibly)

  Finally, I started to redo that model of the Banqueting House at Whitehall I started a while back:
  It will probably be in a later version of the mod if things go well.


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It is very likely that there was snow in February in 1643, it was during the Little Ice Age after all :dead:


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Hey guys just a small update. We are redoing some textures and meshes with the help of a fellow developer who is creating a mod about the ECW for WFaS so be  sure to check it out https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,368595.0.html
Recently I fixed the crashing bug and that saved us alot of time. However another minor bug appeared, which I will try to fix when I get home and hopefully we could release after that  :smile:
Stay tuned


Have you implemented a stand or rest for matchlock muskets? I only ask as there's a stand texture in Willhelm's Ultimate 17th Century pack & he was involved in the early stages of Pike & Shotte.

I can't imagine there are suitable native animations in NW. There certainly aren't in WFaS.


YourStepDad said:
The Deluge team has the animations for it. They are the only ones who have done it to my knowledge.

Thanks. I'll see if I can find a youtube video of The Deluge showing them in action.

Edit: found one. Soldiers running with the musket rests pivoted back against their gun stocks looks wierd, but the firing rest animation looks cool. I wonder if you could have one without the other. Sword scabbards have different frames for empty and sword carried. Some muskets have vertex animated lock mechanisms. Could a matchlock have frames with & without a rest? Then there's the issue of crouched animations.


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I just learned some basics of animating and decided to give 2 standing with musket animations a go. I can send them to you at home though they are not perfect.

What do you mean by "rest" now? The thing which helped muaketeers to use the gun cause it was heavy or the resting with musket animation? I tried to make muskets use the rest but it seems hard
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