Pictures of Swiss Soldiers by Urs Graf

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Urs Graf (born c. 1485 in Solothurn, Switzerland; possibly died before 13 October 152:cool: was a Swiss Renaissance goldsmith,
painter and printmaker (of woodcuts, etchings and engravings), as well as a mercenary soldier.

Prints of Swiss Soldiers by Urs Graf
including larger pictures of:
Standard Bearer of Schaffhausen
Standard Bearer of Solothurn
Standard Bearer of St Gallen
Standard Bearer of Appenzell
Standard Bearer of Zug
Standard Bearer of Glarus
Standard Bearer of Schwyz
Standard Bearer of Unterwalden
Standard Bearer of Fribourg
Standard Bearer of Basel

War wife with two children. Date: 1508
Richtstätte . Date: 1513
Man with a sundial.
Battle of Marignano Date: 1521
Four Fifers. Date: 1523
Mercenary love c.1511
Landsknecht. Date: 1513
Pikeman. Date: 1514
Pikeman (rear). Date: 1514
Standard Bearer. Date: 1514
Consiglio di guerra. Date: 1515
Waffenrock. Date: 1516
Swiss Mercenary and prostitute. Date: 1516
Landsknecht and Devil. Date: 1516.
Ensign with Boy at Wayside Cross. Date: 1516
Standard bearer and prostitute. Date: 1516
Man in coat and creature. Date: 1518
Returning Landsknecht. Date: 1519
Krieger im harnisch. Date: 1519
Bearer of Julius Banner of Zug. Date: 1521
The Bearer of the Banner of the Canton Glarus. Date: 1521
Standard Bearer of Zurich. Date: 1521
Swiss Mercenary. Date: 1523
2 mercenaries & a woman with Death. Date: 1524
Battle of the Lansquenets. Date: 1510-1530

or MIRROR site:
Prints of Swiss Soldiers by Urs Graf

16th Century Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers
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