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How in the world do I find them? I have to run around and search every corner, and still can't find them in some cities.
They really should have added some of these things to the main menu. The cities are pretty, I agree, but spending hours searching for mayors and such is very tedious. Thank god horses exist on some of the maps.
All the new NPCs in towns - like physician, shipwright, old captain etc. - are typically placed at central points,
which is by the lord's hall, meadhall, marketplace or by the port. In other words the centre of town.
So for example in Tunsberg you have the port, marketplace and fort on the mountain.
In Dorestad you spawn close to the lord's hall, and the meadhall is close to the port where all the NPCs are. So a small area in the centre.
You should not have to search the outkirts of town.
You will also find most of them opposite each other, as if they're talking.

I'm used to classic RPGs where you have fun exoploring and area,
and I think you quickly get to know the towns and easily find your way around  :smile:
Adorno said:
I'm used to classic RPGs where you have fun exoploring and area,
and I think you quickly get to know the towns and easily find your way around  :smile:

I agree with this though it would be nice if "Meet the Mayor" became an option after he had been located in the town (as in The Last Days mod) It can be a bit annoying sometimes when you have to run quite a bit just to collect your reward after a quest, Have found a few pretty neat (maybe eastereggs?) or just fun/cool things from exploring around.

I perticularly enjoyed raiding the village of a lord who had taken a dislike to me, enslaving all of the women of the village and selling them to the Druid for virginal sacrifice.. that was kind of dark! I also like what you did with the Hadrians Wall quest, really like having the great great? grandson of that old Roman fella from Bretynwalda commanding my archers!
Companions and some NPCs have a 'met' flag.  Do the physicians and what not have a flag or are they just placeholders and not really unique from town to town ?

If they're unique and could have a met flag would it be possible to make each town set up so once you talk to a person in the city they can be accessed at the main menu.  I don't mind exploring once or twice for each city but it gets old tracking down the same mayor over and over and in some cities it's quite a hike to get to him.

The same thing is true of the refuge.  Currently it's just too time consuming to train with the trainer,  run (or ride) to him, talk, fight, return to main menu, re-enter, run up to him, talk, fight, repeat.
From what I can tell, only one of the city layouts has a Physician. And its impossible to tell which city has which layout, which is infuriating.
I remember playing native warband and i had fun searching all the guildmaster in every city. First time it is difficult then after a while its kinda grown on you  :lol:
Why not just download the module system and make a menu entry that lets you talk to them?
It's relatively easy using the existing script_setup_troop_meeting.
Just create a new menu entry in the town or village menu which looks like this:
                    #here you can check for requirements, like village not being burnt down or town not being besieged or whatever
                "Speak with the Physician.",
                    (store_sub,":npc_from_this_town","$current_town",towns_begin), #determine which physician to talk to
                    (call_script,"script_setup_troop_meeting",":npc_from_this_town",-1), #start conversation
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