Photo Mode - Able to adjust main character's eyes

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Outside of dialog and character edit, everyone in Bannerlord has the same static eye position during actual play, giving them a blank stare. Most of the time this isn't noticeable, since you see people from the back unless they're dead, but it ruins photo mode. I would like to see the ability to change the main character's eye position added to photo mode, letting you set a point they're looking at (forward, at camera's current position, and always at camera are sufficent) so as to not have your character always look like a cultist when you try to take their photo.

Of course, just adding eye movement as a graphics option (no/main character only/towns only/towns and main character/yes) would be welcome, but I strongly suspect that would be far more resource and development intense for something that's really only an issue for the main character in photo mode.
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