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SP Modern Oriental Philippine Revolution Mod

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Sergeant at Arms

I regret to say that the Spanish uniforms are wrong, they are well made and do not adhere to reality. The policeman does not have that uniform and soldiers either, you can check this that I say in any picture of the time, and I tell you that I am very fond Spanish and history and this period.


I don't know anything about modding but I can provide close to accurate historical dates, people, politics, weapons used during the revolution, factions, soldier units and more.

I think we should add an event trigger where United States would come in later in the game, much like 'The Dark Knights Invasion' but they would appear first as an ally  :grin:


sana may gumawa ulit ng mod na ito. maganda din sana yung Filipino-American War Gen Luna, Del Pilar, Aguinaldo, Moors, Sakay, Bisaya, Guerillas (tribes), monopoly of tobacco system, insurrections against hacienderos, etc.


This is very nice to see a mod made by my fellow countrymen about our history. Good luck and hopefully you continue making this!
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