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After 6 years absence, I have resumed working on this mod.

I received a message from Nexus Mods telling me downloads of the mod reached some threshold for this year and decided the Steam/Tale Worlds spring sale had brought new people back to Mount & Blade Warband. When I left the mod years ago, it was not very stable and in need of cleaning. Documentation was minimal and new players, especially anyone new to Mount & Blade Warband, would have a hard time coming up to speed.

Checking my PCs for old code I decided the last stable version I could find was v158 A1, and instead of simply reposting it at Nexus Mods as-was, I decided it really needed some time to make a better player walk-through, with pictures so that if English was not the primary language it still might be useful.

I made 6 test characters and started documenting different combinations or race / class / and trade strategies for making money early game. I also was looking for issues with that build so I could tweak at least a few problems away. I intend to provide these save game characters in the release, for coming up to speed quicker, including one that can be used with Warband in trial mode (trial mode limits characters to (under game 30 days) and (under level 7)).

I noticed the Clerics as defined by Guspav were unfinished and (excepting Kossuth the neutral aligned Fire Lord) all received generic prayers according to faith skill and alignment. I made a list of what worked and what did not, and referenced the code to make sure the descriptions actually match what the game uses. I did likewise for Mage spells.

I verified the data model excel file to document what slots have what name at the code, where that was defined, and every alternate use of the same numbered slot and where THOSE were reduce collisions from add-in modmerged code. I tested each change to the model and verified no changes break save game. I intend to post the source for educational/personal use. This is not the same as OSP, but at least lets the community fix / adjust whatever I did not adequately provide. I also made a study comparing the code as I have it with Guspav's code from August 2017 and against Native v1.166, which would have been Gustav's base from which HE modified.

I created patch notes, 4 power point walk throughs, a quick programmer's guide of sorts, and player's notes including a diary of trades and decisions made at each test character. All of these were completed in the last 10 days. I do not have my google drive active else I'd post pictures etc.

Instead of posting it today I prefer to clean more bugs and play test with volunteers who never played Mount & Blade Warband, using a low end laptop instead of desktop. So far it looks good even without an Nvidia GPU. I should have screen shot my settings as tested; I'll get that the next time they visit.
I expect to release the next build within around 2 weeks.
Replying to keep an eye out, I remember good things about this mod and wouldn't mind having another go at it.
I expect to update somewhere between 8 and 15 days from now.
I'm not the forum "owner" anymore (that was from my melt down 6 years ago :smile: so I cannot sticky / un-sticky or edit locked threads.
I tested Google Drive and it looks like I can post pictures from it; there were some sharing issues earlier.
I am adding to my walkthrough an "advanced" section, for when a player takes ownership of castles and towns, as well as marriage and spouse as a companion details. Along the way I found yet more things to fix so not yet ready to release just yet. Before I released ready or not, but right now I want the best experience I can make so will wait a bit.
- GS
I made an account here just to say I'm eagerly awaiting the update. I've played earlier versions of the mod, but they all had some bugs or issues that made playthroughs frustrating. I'm glad to see you're back and working on releasing a stable version of the mod!
I made an account here just to say I'm eagerly awaiting the update. I've played earlier versions of the mod, but they all had some bugs or issues that made playthroughs frustrating. I'm glad to see you're back and working on releasing a stable version of the mod!
Hi Zak.
I lost 4 days this week to something unexpected in my private life, and otherwise found some small things I saw a fix for as I was documenting the code. I can't release this week but I WILL get it out the door by my birthday, which is around 2 weeks from now. I added a great deal of code documentation and so far my fix/changes list has 22 numbered changes. Releasing the code both opens the chance for others to look under the hood and puts some burden on me to clearly document every line where possible. Mostly that was done already, but it is daunting. Yesterday I put 1215 scripts into an excel worksheet for example, but I only put line #s, parameters, etc on some of them. The rest can be found in the code quickly and there each one has syntax spelled out. I was doing that originally to help Guspav and by now it is invaluable for me to remember the mod.

I would consider most of the changes ease of play so far - making it more smooth and a little less grindy. I also have 3 walkthroughs and screen captures to make a fourth one but there seems to always be something more to add. I'm not even sure so far I have the passwords and such for NexusMods; at least I am certain there are 5 people waiting for a release, so I'll get something cleaner by taking time.

A volunteer tester had a steam copy of the game but we did install the mod fairly quickly. Something I am pleased with is M&B Warband ran well on their laptop, which did NOT have an embedded graphics GPU (just an Intel I5-6300 with its default embedded Intel graphics). I had not expected good results, but it ran very well with some tuning. I screen shotted those settings. We crushed 168 demons with a 286 member player party with battle size set to 85 and it ran smoothly @ 60 fps frame rate - no pauses, no lag, no graphics glitches. I doubt that laptop would run bannerlord so well, but so far I haven't bought it. I am enjoying my playthroughs - and the save characters are still v158 A series compatible. So far I haven't needed to break savegames.
No worries, I understand things happen in life. I'm just glad you're back working on it. Keep up the good work!
Glad you back gsanders! Don't wait us too long <3
Hi Hounskull! Sorry I did not notice you were a/the subforum moderator!

I plan to release in a few days; I was hoping Friday 26th April but looking over the forums there are always more things I need to do.
I still need to re-edit my walk throughs and documents for helping new players are half finished. These are not text files so will need approval, I think, for links to files at google drive. Maybe not, it's been so long since I was active here, just thinking ahead. I'll try to put everything needed in one big download, and a second small download with just walk throughs and documents for people to have some added self help if they could not find the same in their mod download.

I may also need some threads unlocked so I can update them; I'll make a list of topics that need unlocking. I originally locked them just to keep focus but now that I am not a forum mod it stops me too :smile:
I expect to have at least a patch to take Nexusmods' image of Phantasy v158A1 to v160A1 with around 30 distinct fixes plus source plus a 4 part player guide shortly. I really should check first if the Nexusmods full image is any different than mine here; I went through over 600 posts there yesterday, mainly negative, and at least added 2 fixes yesterday from their "found bugs" list (which is about 40% duplicates and many "bugs" are simply not understanding the mod). I suppose the main audience really wanted Native with Necromancy, and the rest of the features were entirely useless to them. At least FOR ME this is the most stable it's ever been, but tournaments are still down and certainly at least one lord quest crashes (find the spy in the market). I'll get around to those in the next month; I'll soon be busy with a non-computer related project for about 6 weeks.

I decided after seeing the Nexusmods posts I'd rather have 5 users here than 500 there; once upon a time the audience was much larger.
Write me here if I don't follow up with a patch; I need to go in 90 minutes and I'll be tied up the rest of today and tomorrow. I probably have time to reply to 5 emails.
Patch v160A1 is ready now.
access at (one of these should do it)
(removed to conserve space)

the full base v158A0 mod is at NexusMods
manually download file phantasy_v158a0_FULL.7z that is a 7zip archive, which was 400 MB smaller than .zip

I'll check if Nexusmods lets anyone download or not else I'll provide a second mirror in a few days (mapping Guspav's mod will do after)
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FULL SOURCE was provided, but not as OSP, rather as educational / personal use (so tweak it your way / learn from it / but don't reuse it)
Some important tools for mapping the layout of every file in the source are at the folder Player_Handbook as well:
Programming_Guide_companion.xlsx Excel file with thousands of index and reference notes to find the exact name and relative location in each file of scripts, mission_template procedures, game_menus, dialogs, what each file does, line counts comparisons between Native, Guspav's Phantasy, and Phantasy 2018 v158A1.

Slots_Phantasy_v160a1.xlsx Excel file listing every resuse of every slot broken down (and on separate worksheets) by
Troop, Party, Item, Quest, Faction, Agent, Team, Prop, Scene.

rename the mod folder from phantasy_v158 to phantasy_v160 to use the savegames, and those saves were created in Warband v1.174
Every test character used was included; some are 600 days aged, most are 300 days aged. One is 24 days and under lvl 7 so can be used in Warband trial mode. These are compressed in the subfolder Player_Handbook.

Player_Handbook folder contains 4 slideshow documents with 25-30 PowerPoint slides each, converted to .PDF format for ease of viewing, showing how to use the mod's features and also how to use the mod even if this was your first mod and you never played Native, although mainly that was the first book. Twenty minutes learning how the mod is different from every other mod would solve many frustrated posts later.
Necromancy is second half of book 4 but read all of them or you will not understand key aspects of the mod.

Patch notes for v160 A1:
Patch Notes v160_a1:
1) adjusted / corrected costs on cleric spells to match text displayed at prayer_book: (presentations 1399:cool:
there was a mismatch between cost displayed at prsnt_prayer_book and what was actually spent as from faith points
paladin aura divine might 15
paladin aura of quickness 25
dispel magic 25
protection from fire 30
protection from cold 30

added documentation of cleric spells, dieties, and Guspav's plans for each diety

2) corrected data layout documentation errors to now exactly match the current definitions
minor changes to agents layout to avoid FormAI (Fromations AI) from clashing with Magic system
added comments at module_constants and at documentation for clarity.

3) removed a second unarmed damage effect added in from Tournament Play Enhancements at mission_templates line 50
need to test unarmed combat still works

4) added check for open inventory space when trying to buy ingredients at Rigale guilds

5) added above check for empty space in inventory to dialogs at the four ways inn merchant for enchanted items

6) asses market prices is working once more

7) Crafting:
some changes to recipe difficulties, components, and what gets made for balance purposes.
Leatherworker: Leather Greaves, Elven Ambush Armor, Cuir Boilli, Lesser Drow Mage Robe, Lesser Drow Mage Hood,
Rus Lamellar (replaces Heraldic Cuirboilli), Leather Gloves, Armored Warg, Steppe Charger.

Woodworker: removed flintlock pistol. Updated difficulty for short bow, long bow, ambush bow

Smithing: Chain Links, Sheet Metal, Mail Boots, Sarranid Mail Boots, Mail Shirt, Mamluke Mail, Heraldic Mail with Tunic,
Flintlock Pistol, Lamellar Charger, Sarranian War Horse.
The exact recipes are documented as a crafting excel sheet; also the programmer's reference spreadsheet has a copy as well.

update difficulty short bow, long bow, ambush bow done

Sarranid leather armor done
Rus lamellar done
update Studded leather coat and banded armor difficulty

mail coat should be long mail coat, update difficulty done
update difficulty mamluke mail. heraldic mail done
Elven Mail elven_mail_b body 45 legs 15 weight 12 diff 6 diff 18 uses mithril + iron chains + silk done

update difficulty Sarranid Veiled Helmet to 13
rapier @ swords <-- not yet

:cool: Investigate Mage/Cleric becoming Cleric/Cleric after selecting diety. [not done]
Cleric/Mage works.

9) Talk to Lord: rescue hostage was bugged with a debt of -1 becoming interpreted as a debt of > 132K.
Debt of -1 now gets set to 0, avoiding requests for over-payment from the original asking lord.

10) Preserve food: now handles large quantities when turning grapes to raisins or fruit to dried fruit in order to process harvest results more quickly.
Harvesting for example 15 items of grapes will (assuming inventory space kept all of the grapes harvested) become an attempt to make 7 raisins and leave 1 raw grape remaining.
Total time is slightly less as well.

11) Sea Traders v158a2 fiix
dialogs should work with both land based traders and sea traders now.

12) beached player ships are now handled with better finesse -
no longer will you see several beached player ships scattered inactive across the map.

13) town recruiting - caravan mixed party showed wrong estimated cost
This is now corrected.

14) town improvements incorrect choices. <-- this part is solved
Town management @ town has messenger post but talking to chancellor does not show that as a choice.
menu_center_manage 17438
dialogs 11040 :

needs updating:
"script_get_improvement_details" see S_T_70 Checking center upgrades

15) reduce renown by 0.5% each week ST_79 is now 0.4% each week

15) cleric diety selection and fighter specialty selection seem blocked for secondary classes
secondary fighter class may now select a specialization, as originally intended.

16) re-enabled orc raiders @ S_T_111 ln 6333
# consider re-enabling st_121 , st_123 and st_119 ln 6436
slight increase in shadows chance at ST_129 (raise dead enemies as undead); this should player Necromancers

(17) # consider re-enabling a corrected ST_170 Nudge stuck ships <-- not yet implemented, could have side effects needing testing

17a) optimized ST_127 enchanted items worn boosting stats check to skip 600 troop types to save bandwidth
17b) quivers of plenty / bolt case of plenty /javelin bags of plenty no longer require keeping at least 1 ammo in the bag they refill even if they were emptied earlier

(1:cool: # [suggest check for unicorns at npc_paladin_pre_aura and add to enchanted items list for reduced bandwidth impact ]
at ln 4375 common_battle_unicorn_regen <-- not done

1:cool: check if mount died at animal_rider_death before giving the rider damage, in case was only wounded

(1:cool: reminder any companions given necromancy skill during promotion will nuke the player characters alignment
and if cleric class their diety and alignment will be forcibly changed. Don't try to use companions to slip in a necromancer unless you are
ready to go full evil yourself. No companion starts as a necro; you would have had to have chosen to add points to that skill on the companion for this catch. (MT ln 3025)

19) Gnomish inventions {repeating crossbow, blast jars, multi-pulley bow, spring mounted shield, foot glue}
Triggers 36-40 ln 1989 checked skill of Berembert ONLY when determining success chance
Now uses better of Berember 'trp_npc31" or Ninnock "trp_npc32". inventing skill, with the assumption skill increases implicitly only occur(ed) if hired by player.

however dialogs at module_dialogs line 4291 still points to Berembert only; <--- these need duplicating for Ninnock

(19) consider re-enabling night / daylight penalties for night creatures trigger # 52 ln 2481 <-- already done

20) dialogs ln 3533 four ways inn enchantment merchant
20a) item 20 boots of agi no price is assigned for checkout ln 3533 fixed

20b) added check for at least 1 inventory space open before taking money at checkout for all items.
20c) added warning for twilight armor to be sure there is inventory space for 4 items before buying.

20d) dawn gem, azure gem, and royal gem no longer needed as they were used for adding necro & lichdom. and had wrong price
Instead should substitute a scroll of flame arrow for one of these.

20e) corrected an error after checkout where vampiric blade gave the wrong item.
boots of agi, thinking cap, headband of charisma, sun blade, vorpal sword, mace of disruption, maul of the titans,
dagger of throwing, holy avenger, quiver of plenty, bolt case of plenty, javelin bag of plenty, flame tongue,
scimitar of speed, dawn gem, azure gem, royal gem
were ALL giving the wrong item.

20f) substituted scroll of flame arrow for dawn gem; priced at 2500.
20g) reduced the price drastically for azure and royal gems now that the become a necromancer quest is removed.

20h) necromancer staff had wrong price and wrong index assigned; corrected, should now be able to purchase.
20i) for the moment adds necromancy skill 2 during checks to see if undead have broken from control.
may later boost necromancy skill at menu necromancy.. <--- Done

20j) item 40 elven_tiara corrected error blocking purchase.

20k) marked each item in the list of checkouts to find prices and corrected some misidentifications at each ply for dialog progression.

21) "farewell my lady. I shall remain your most ardent admirer" dialogs ln 32745
spoken by female lord to female character; now spoken only by male lord to female player

22) scripts: adjust party strength calculations for ai checks of party strength. This was done in some places and
checked that it will be active in all cases when perfroming autocalc. The intent was to be certain seiges and encounters
where the player is absent will buff mage and cleric weighting when determining how difficult a target a given party is.
Mages are 2x nominal weight and clerics/paladins 5/3 nominal weight.
Currently NPC battles have no ressurection stage; only player battles have this.

23) padubast ("trp_npc33") talks about the obsidian spire when outside Veluca
module_scripts ln 44939 was "p_town_3" now "p_necromancers_castle" script_initialize_npcs
the actual string he says is at module_strings line 1712
also adjusted Berembert and Ninnock starting towns to point to Dwarven Kingdom instead of Veluca.
FIXED for new games

24)a) filter ressurected troops to block alignment clash at player party <-- Probably the best feature of this patch :0

25) added check at S_T_133 to also block companions with necromancer skill > 0 from slipping through morale clash

26) cost for a companion to learn cleric skill is lowered from 15000 to 8000.
Clarified the companion's holy symbol needs to be in the party inventory (and will be removed once cleric training is paid for.)
reminder acompanion can learn cleric OR mage but not both.

(27) limit cash at merchants during refresh: <-- NOT done, this is a side effect of setting Diplomacy Economic AI from Low to Medium
S_T_41 village "script_refresh_village_merchant_inventory"
trig_01 "script_refresh_center_inventories"
trig_02 "script_refresh_center_armories"
trig_03 "script_refresh_center_weaponsmiths"
trig_04 "script_refresh_center_stables"
trig_05 "script_refresh_village_merchant_inventory"

(27) really should relook at secondary classes at the character creation presentation and trim any that give problems <-- not done
character creation -
toggling anything calls "script_ccp_generate_skill_set", limit_to_stats)
clicking DONE calls script_ccp_end_presentation_begin_game

necromancer selection at character start sets: <-- cataloging here since it was unclear at NexusMods and generated perhaps 40 angry posts and 10 "bug" reports
necromancy skill = 7
intelligence +2
surgery +2
ironflesh +2
wound treatment +1

faction necromancers OR primary class Necromancer gives undead Male skin
gender is male; this because "female" undead are actually just a different type of undead (skeletons).

the "lesser lich" adds these at start:
Str +3
Cha -5
Int +4
Agi -3
alignment is set to Evil
player slots set for troop_is_mummy, troop_is_undead, troop_is_necromancer;
"$plyr_is_lich" = 1

necromancers starting as kings start with a few golems and dark mages in their party.
when cleric is second class for a necromancer, the good and neutral dieties are removed from choices.

lichdom @# action menu: (looks to be a stub not called anywhere)
contingent on collecting all of these:
An Azure Gem, A Royal Gem, A Dawn Gem, A Mithril Ingot, A Scroll of Vampiric Bolt and a 50000 denars

shadows: necromancer needs ge 40 hp to see create shadows as an option.
also there is a timer set from the last time the necromancer player has used the "use necromancy" menu to create undead.
necromancy skill needs to be 7 or greater, to filter dark mages (a necromancer-mage hybrid class) from spawning shadows.

27b) both summoning shadows and summoning specialized skeletons now calculate an "effective necromancy" being
[necromancy skill + (character level / 7)]

28a) boosted magic resist of Necromancers, Elves, Blazing hand, Orc Shamans, slightly for Ogres,
and a few Drow; also kings/queens, pretenders, and some lords; also all Demons/Balrogs are slightly boosted for magic resist.

def_attrib = str_7 | agi_5 | int_4 | cha_4 # default skills for all troops and townspeople
lady_attrib_1 = str_7 | agi_5 | int_5 | cha_6 # default skills for all kingdom ladies
lady_attrib_2 = str_9 | agi_5 | int_5 | cha_5 # Orcs Kingdom ladies
lady_attrib_3 = str_6 | agi_5 | int_8 | cha_5 # Mages Kingdom ladies
lady_attrib_4 = str_9 | agi_3 | int_8 | cha_3 # Undead Kingdom ladies

This is live for new game starts
28b) plus a hotpatch v158 A any -> v160a1 will auto-update games in progress started as v158 A series saves.

29a) cheat - find items used to end at normal_items_end as defined at
"$cheat_find_item_range_begin" was also defined

limit item cheat to range trade_goods_begin = "itm_pottery" = 97
food_end = "itm_siege_supply" = 154
max_inventory_items = 96
Tested working. You may now ask Amazon to deliver food, drinks, and some mounts to you anywhere while cheating is enabled at the Phantasy Options menu under camp
BUT you no longer can peruse 1300 or so items in the catalog. The source that used to let that happen is also clipped. You can thank me later.

(29b) book of magic - weaves this was part of magic user quest to toggle on mage after character creation. I'm not sure it is still active; if so it probably will not work politely with M to select class book
and may fail at other points as well. <-- Not investigated

29b) CHEAT MENU AT CAMP - "change Phantasy 2018 settings" --> done now references Phantasy 2024

30) if you somehow invite the kidnapped girl into the player party after the bandits are paid their ransom, you can't remove her.
She also will not complete the quest unless she is her own original party following you around like cattle. (cattle by the way do follow correctly in v158/v160)
trig_26 updated repeat interval of trigger
added a failsafe fix in case the player party has her as a member so that she is removed upon entering any town AND the quest is closed (but as failed)

31) slightly reduced based damage for magic missile, from 25 to 19, at
This because at high throwing skill the caster will headshot very often, dealing 50+ points damage per missile, taking down golems quickly.
The missile velocity is still high so there are difficult to dodge, besides having so many per throw for higher casters.

(32) check player lich aura for player necromancer --> yes, was already active @ v158a

(32) guspav's mod:
working but with annoying face generator for many races/skins IF using the assets for v160 but with Guspav module.ini
Use NexusMods guspav 2017 @ for a clean Guspav build.

(32) open issue: Tournaments, especially at non-native cities
needs adjust of TPE to support Elf, Drow, Necro, Dwarf towns added; tournaments will fail until that is done
TPE error: invalid item type (normal weapon) is not detected Tournaments

Nexus Mods bugs:

(32) When I ask a Lord (Delthasam Empire, dont know if true for other Factions) for a task sometimes he says
Warning: Merc offer display, and then i cant leave the dialog Window anymore <- one quest is broken, possibly this was patched to just not offer the quest now already at v158A1, but need to trace dialogs later to be sure. That will take a very long time, and I will be busy the next week indexing Guspav's source.

32) villages and castles receive no income in budget report <--- YES, done!

(33) Dialog: "I do enjoy speaking to you. But I am sure you understand that our people cluck their tongues at a woman to spend too long conversing with a woman..."
(When speaking too soon to a lady you court.) <- next time

(33) I ask a Lord for work. Doesn't happen every time and doesn't seem to happen when I ask village elders or guildmasters.
My guess is, that it might be one or more certain quests. So far I was able to deliver a letter and collect taxes. <-- one quest is definitely broken

(33) I went to visit Genbadir Castle's prison and there was no way to leave. The only door was open and led into a void that plops you right back into the prison if you try to jump into it.
There were no interactables along the walls and this happened both when I broke in and when I bribed the guard to let me in. <- not done, but can press Esc then Save and Exit, next click Load Savegame, and you are outside the castle.

(33) Harm cleric spell - other than filter by alignment - checked with neutral cleric Griselda vs Mummies with some magic resist - DOES work but damage is low due to magic resist.
Will tweak that for next time.

34) Entertainment skill means nothing if not a bard class.
Consider letting bard class give effective entertainment buff and letting anyone try entertaining, perhaps with a malus applied.
DONE, tested working with Griselda
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(Interim) patch v160 A2
Interim because I will be with family the next 3 days and offline, but I had feedback that TWO people are playing the mod. For for THESE two people, here is a week's worth of bug fixes and enhancements:

(removed to conserve space)

change log
v160 A2 Patch Notes: [Interim patch for Orthodox Easter weekend 2024]

So far as I am aware, the only major open issue is quests from lords.
I won't have time for that until next week; I expect to spend the next 3 days with my family.
Certainly, the quest "follow spy" is broken. I'm not sure if any others are glitched.
Other than that, the mod has NEVER been as clean as it is now.

1) Tournaments and TPE status:
Native tournaments are fully functional and work well.
"TPE" tournaments are splinted to use weapons and hero selections from native,
but should allow TPE loot, kingdom ladies reaction boosts, and tournaments broadcast their status as part of TPE debug turned on.
It makes for a much easier time finding tournaments. Specifically, TPE edit tournament design does nothing, since Native will supply weapons and gear.
The options to even access that are hidden behind cheat menu wall to filter complaints. Congrats for even bothering to read the fine print!

the changes involved were many.
edit Phantasy Options
"Enable Flight (inside villages)" is now "enable TPE tournaments" Flying is something that partly works in my code but is disabled.
I really want to focus on fixing things before adding major new features, and there are side effects from anything "flying". Consider formations code.

2) Minimap test -- this was already functional, but under-documented. Press backspace during battle to access clickable orders and minimap.
However prsnt_battle, which is what you are seeing at that point, did not understand prayer book or spell book open requests (N or B)
and also I find it annoying to have to press back space a second time to close prensentation battle in order to throw spells (or javelins for that matter)
You may now instant close battle presentation and instant open your prayer or spellbooks by pressing either N or B (assuming you meet all the usual requirements to use either)
I find it interesting to see where enemies are and statistics on how the battle is doing but close it anyway by pressing backspace to use spells, so wanted to speed that up.

3) RENTS - village and castle rents are paid now. <- fixed in v160 A1 my bad

4)a) Monthly reinforcements for lord parties continues for 9 months instead of 3 months now. (triggers 43)
b) Elite troops at capital now refreshes every 150 days (triggers 45)
c) Undead parties will try to convert their prisoners to lesser undead far more aggressively now (triggers 54)
73 instead of 167 hours

5a) simple bandit spawns are more frequent 25 hr timer instead of 73 (Simple_Triggers 75)
b) the decay in renown that used to occur weekly is now every 2 weeks (S_T 79)
c) Undead Army spawn now 33 hrs instead of 52 (S_T 10:cool:
d) Death Knights 52 82 (S_T 109)
e) Crazy Mage 36 50 (S_T 110)
f) Orc Raiders 23 40 (S_T 111)
g) Hostile Elven War Parties 25 39 (S_T 112)
h) Greedy Dwarves 27 57 (S_T 114)
i) Hostile Drow Raiders 35 48 (S_T 115)
total party count for each of these is upped by about 20%. Good hunting (or maybe they hunt you?)

6) This was put into v160 A1, I am just tired. skip this as a "new" thing:
Entertainment at town menu is now available to any player with a musical instrument and entertainment skill at least 1
Party entertainment skill is then checked for success at playing music or speeches, but with a -1 debuff for non bards. Bards get a +1 buff.
The higher tiers of difficulty are closed to non-bards.

This not only speeds up attempts to sing for your supper, but more importantly does not require constantly paying for a room to kill time
between hour 3 and hour 4 while waiting for your performance attempt to give results.
The revenue is the same per try but shorter play time means more gigs per day.

7) Swashbuckler Hat (one less hide and one less chain link, one more leatherwork in the crafting recipe)

:cool: sea traders cruising over land (looking at you Sargoth) will now auto-convert to land traders.
(Flying ships are not supposed to be in the mod until later.) <-- TBD next time, was low priority compared to tournaments

9) handler for nightly racial clash within player partyis tweaked to scale the morale hit according to the size of the offending group
Generally this should lower the penalty, capped the previous amount. (S_T 133)

By the way:
Noticed (is_hero, ":troop"), has stopped working for the mod, at least with v1.174 Warband.
Not sure if this is coming from some add-in that uses WSE; I don't think I need/use WSE otherwise
I'll need to look for any place this is used and adjust logic accordingly <-- To be done
(is_between, ":troop", "trp_kingdom_heroes_including_player_begin", "trp_heroes_end"), # this works may.02.24

10) prejudice checks at towns and castles need to allow entry for owners and lieges / co-lieges.
mnu_castle ln 9853 already set at v155B6 to let player into castle if player owns
looks like this one prejudice check applies at town as well

added a check for player as kingdom ruler or co-ruler here as well.

11) slight damage boost to Harm prayer
mission_templates ln 6938

Overall this seems like a smaller feature count compared to v160 A1 but I think these were fairly big progress for a week.

since so few people play the mod you can PM me here with any issues/questions or post in "What's cooking" thread
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I have noticed some strange behaviour during my campaign, started in 1.60 and right now at 1.60b; my character moves very slowly, but when walking in the lords hall it becomes quite fast, during battle the speed of my character (and the one of my troops) vary, I also seem to get slowed permanently after casting the heal spell. I'm playing as a dwarf cleric, with my party being mainly dwarves, some of which clerics, and some companions.
I have noticed some strange behaviour during my campaign, started in 1.60 and right now at 1.60b; my character moves very slowly, but when walking in the lords hall it becomes quite fast, during battle the speed of my character (and the one of my troops) vary, I also seem to get slowed permanently after casting the heal spell. I'm playing as a dwarf cleric, with my party being mainly dwarves, some of which clerics, and some companions.
Bless / curse and either wearing off will re-evaluate weight carried and apply a change to base movement. This is most likely what you are seeing. Three alternate scenarios [haste/slow expiring, encumbrance in general, or dispel magic being auto-cast near you by a cleric that has currently {acid arrow, darkness, slow} effect] probably are not the issue.
This got me to inspecting what happens when bless or curse wear off, which normally reset movement speed after changing the effective strength used when calculating encumbrance and its effect on movement speed. I had not been checking if haste/slow was active so when either of THOSE expired movement base might be disturbed for rest of the battle. I'll adjust and test today. I had expected to be busy with family today and tomorrow but that is moved to tomorrow and Monday, so have a small window today for changes.

At courts, the court mission was not checking encumbrance; while the tavern mission would have (as fighting could happen).
I should check at town mission ("go to center of town" menu option) as both sneaking into towns and prison break could involve fighting, and the prison could be entered by walking around town instead of by menu.

edit: 5 hours later Bless and Curse are adjusted at {npc_timed_cleric_spells, pc_cleric_spells, timed_spell_effects}
so that both entering the prayer to apply an effect and leaving when it is time to remove the effect stay in synch.
If a bless is trying to apply to an agent that is cursed they cross cancel and both are removed, in either direction. Finally, bless adds 3 to effective strength while curse lowers effective str by 3. Damage debuff is +10% bless, -20% curse; additional blesses or curses do not stack but do reset the timer. These have a 31-33 sec duration.

Also Magic haste and slow are tweaked to check for their opposites on casting and when the opposite effect is found to cancel that. Ranges for bless are 3m / faith skill point, Curse 2.5 m/ faith skill point, haste 2.5 m/magic skill point, and slow is more complicated
2*magic skill + cumulative clothes eff magic bonus for all 4 slots so if you don't have caster armor your slow radius may shrink considerably.
thus module_scripts slow explosion, presentations spell book haste button also adjusted.

I'll not add magic missile and poisoned weapons until I can test cleric parties.
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Really Raw patch v160_A3 for AJAJP_Juan
edit: removed

In game, go to camp menu, "Change Phantasy 2024 settings", set cheat mode to 5 and save
This will turn on trace of all the cleric spells cast by either side in battle, which may be overwhelming but could also be useful.
Set cheat mode to 0 to turn off all the debug display. Paladin Might aura is also adjusted, as is quickness aura, to match NPC cleric and player cleric handling. I may tweak the horse movement speed while hasted to 125% instead of 150% to reduce air sickness while zooming on your mount, but that's for Tuesday. Out of time for today.

Also has my experimental fix for rigale epidemics recovery glitch.
I won't have time for coding until Tuesday but didn't want to leave you stuck for the weekend.
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Thanks for the heads up :smile:, will get back if I notice something else.

EDIT: Ok, something is up. The debug shows that the Blazing Hand squires are casting A. Quick, and for some reason it makes me and the rest of the troops unable to move, I had to cast dispel to get rid of the effect, and that made the infantry to run like crazy, but not me, which is odd.

EDIT of EDIT: Apparently decreasing the cheat level doesnt revert the Debug log back to normal.
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I appreciate your hard work, gsanders.

I'd also second the idea that this mod needs to be on Nexus and/or Moddb. You could always make a new account and label it "Phantasy Calradia 2024" if necessary, and post in the description and the old Phantasy 2018 mod that you've lost the credentials to update that version. It would definitely get more people playing than those of us specifically looking for it.
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