Petition to Taleworlds to release a source code to FSE! We want updates!

Peition for the release of the Warband source code to FSE developers... "YES" is a signature!" "No"

  • Yes, please release source code to Flying Squirrel Entertainment developers!

    Votes: 217 81.3%
  • No, refrain from release of source code to Flying Squirrel Entertainment developers.

    Votes: 50 18.7%

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Hello fellow NW community,

Today I come to you with something amazing that was said by FSE developer Olafson...

Olafson said:
Gurkha said:
Olafson said:
Make a petition to let TW give us their sourceode and I promise you that we will fix it. If it happens I also promise you that we will make an addon to NW with proper Naval Battles and more factions.

Is this real life?

Yes. I am serious.

Olafson stated today, that in order for Napoleonic Wars to be updated any further, Taleworlds would have to give them the sourcecode for Warband. This way, bugs and glitches within the engine can be fixed by the FSE developers, additions to the engine and game can be made, and a proper naval battle function containing ships, cannons, and boarding can be created. Oh, and better yet? New ingame factions, and possibly a singleplayer element!

This is a petition for all of us to sign, simply "yes" if you want a release of source code, or "no" if you do not.

With just signatures and a whole lot of community backing, this can happen! Napoleonic Wars is a highly successful DLC, and further support for it would mean so much to the community and playerbase. It's all about the community and support for it that will allow us to receive what we have been wishing for, for a long time...

Sign the petition with a "yes" vote, and we'll be on our way!

Much thanks to everyone in the community for keeping the Napoleonic Wars DLC strong and alive, despite the hardships we have faced.

Yours truly,


ATTENTION: Please sign the formal petition, which can be found here. We want this to be a professional application and petition towards TaleWorlds Entertainment. All signatures, both here and on the official petition will help immensely toward our future goal of having the Warband source code given to the Flying Squirrel Entertainment developer team.

I have opened discussion through Steam, hoping to attract more signatures and support for this!

Be sure to follow for updates from our third "theatre."
The premise of this petition is solely civil, and a simple inquiry towards Taleworlds Entertainment to release the Warband source code to Flying Squirrel Entertainment developing team.

Pls Taleworlds <3

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