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The current system does not have any room for roleplay, literally none. It's just numbers and percentages. Same with flirting, I don't think anyone ever reads the dialogues.
In a 2018 blog you talk about persuasion, the one we have seems to be a really simplified version of this system. The screenshot shows a more complex mechanic.


Also in the blog it states: "If people know you take honor seriously, they’ll be reassured if you tell them that"
I didn't see anything in the game that resembles this. Your actions mostly have no consequences.

I don't think giving up on a concept because it's too complex (for example being able to build castles in villages) is a great idea. I guess it's mostly for making the game easier for newcomers but being deep doesn't mean impossible to learn. A great example of this are paradox games, many of them have impressively deep mechanics but that doesn't stop newcomers from enjoying the game.

I don't think anyone in TW ever reads the suggestions here but it can at least show how much potential the game originally had.
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