Persuasion attempts should not fail right after a Success or Critical Success

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So I just had a four-circle persuasion failure where I failed the first two checks, but then got a Success and a Critical Success one after the other. Despite this, the persuasion failed. I think it's kind of dumb that if you fail two, it's over; but the process keeps going.

A lot of people have said that persuasion checks are too hard, and I agree. I think a potential solution would be to count failures instead of successes (so you have to fail four times or critical fail twice to fail a four-circle check (meaning two-circle checks would actually be the harder ones). Alternatively, you could make it so that a persuasion check can only end on a result of "Ineffective" or "Critical Failure". This way, as long as you keep succeeding, you can continue attempting persuasion (similar to the way a batter can get two strikes, but not a strike three off of foul balls), rather than getting a Critical Success and having the interaction suddenly end in failure because you had an arbitrary number of tries. For still another idea, you could keep it mostly as is, but have Successes grant one extra turn and Critical Successes grant two.

But bottom line, getting on a roll and having it not matter because you got a bad start seems, at best, unpolished and not really well conceived. If you just succeeded, you should have to fail at least once more before you lose the whole thing.